Re:Game Reviews for True Fear: Foresaken Souls CE

[Post New]by Mystery_Egypt on Apr 1, 14 11:15 AM
I enjoyed this game a lot - I loved the creepy story and atmosphere of it. The first chapter appeared more creepy to me than the rest of the game.
I didn't experience any technical issues, and the game wasn't too difficult.

There were some little annoyances:
1) Music stopped sometimes and it took a very long time to kick in again.
2) Some clickable areas were still telling you clues even after you solved that part (e.g. "you need to turn off the water" after you already had done that).
3) Some language issues (e.g. at one location I was told to use a screwdriver, and after the screwdriver didn't work, I realized that pliers were needed).
4) At some puzzle games you weren't told that you were still missing something, so that you wouldn't be able to finish the puzzle. That was confusing to me.

All in all, this was a great game. I hope that the next episodes will get more beta-testing to avoid the little annoyances mentioned above. I look forward to the continuation, and will give them a shot!

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Re:Game Reviews for True Fear: Foresaken Souls CE

[Post New]by WilJul on May 9, 14 10:08 PM
I just played this game for the second time and, if you can believe it, enjoyed it even more! This is a seriously top-notch game, a lot of work went into this. I love the creepy factor, HOPs, puzzles and story. But what I really delved into this time around were the bonus features - simply excellent! Really makes it worth the CE price. If you haven't checked them all out - do so! You will not be disappointed!

Played on a MAC 10.8.5 and while I did have some freezing issues, cursor issues and a crash, none were fatal and I was able to complete the game.

Anxiously awaiting the next installment of this trilogy!

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Re:Game Reviews for True Fear: Foresaken Souls CE

[Post New]by care___916 on Jun 20, 14 7:47 PM
I purchased this game when it first came out. I finally decided to play today and ratzzzz... Did not get very far am having the same problem that other players have had since March till now.

In the kitchen and the left kitchen cabinet where the rubber gloves are will not open...

Cannot believe this has been an issue for so many of us.

Really disappointing this looked liked a great game.

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Re:Game Reviews for True Fear: Foresaken Souls CE

[Post New]by Jurinne on Aug 9, 14 9:59 AM
OK. I'm playing the game. I'm halfway through Act 2 and so far I have not been scared in the least; not even startled. I've been frustrated because of the HOS - who ever let this game get through with TWO blatant stringed instruments in one HOS? And how do I unlock a look?!?

The game is sloppy, the navigation as clunky as my sister's old Pinto. There are lags. Let's go!! MOVE IT!!!

The map shows locations where nothing can be done and fails to show locations where something can be done. Was this game beta-tested? Did anyone check to see if it actually made sense? I have my doubts.

Now when does it get scary? Will it give me the willies? The heebie-jeebies? Make the hair on the back of my neck stand up? A chill go up my spine? Goosebumps? Make me want to hide under a blanket until it's safe?

Somehow I doubt it. If things don't get better soon (and I mean soon!) I am going to stop playing this dinosaur of a game.

I love horror stories and movies, even the B ones. I collect them. I have a large collection. So perhaps I am jaded. I know (and I would bet that everyone knows) that when you reach out to touch a figure whose face you cannot see you can bet that face is not going to be pleasant. I understand that we are limited by graphics. But good grief, can't ANYONE scare me anymore? Just a little? The only time I was a tiny bit scared in a game was when I broke a hole in a wall and a hand came out. I gasped and jumped back. Why not use creepy music or something? There must be SOMETHING!!

The banshee (for lack of a better term at this point) walks like me with my back injury. I do find that humorous in a way. This method of creepy creatures jerking about has been used for several years in horror movies - check out the remake of "House on Haunted Hill" for a good example - it's an excellent, very creepy, extremely scary movie.

Anyway, these gimmicks work at first. I was literally creeped out when I saw it done for the first time. But after awhile they lose the creepiness and some other scary gimmick must be found.

And please - matching identical bottles and finding some keys and bits of mosaic that are right there in front of me? I'm not in second grade. I love jigsaw puzzles. I'm even very good at them. But so far the pieces don't even rotate!

I am not a happy ugly herring. My being an ugly herring (and my checking account) are the most scary things going on right now. And that is sad.

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Re:Game Reviews for True Fear: Foresaken Souls CE

[Post New]by Jurinne on Aug 10, 14 12:12 AM
Based on Completed Game and Bonus Game: I was scared once for about a second because I had the sound turned up too loud.

This game is chock-full of glitches. Please check out the technical issues thread. I ran into a glitch in the main game and the bonus game crashed on me - twice. Also, the little demon girl hint button went into a short coma but then came out of it.

This game is very short and is only part 1 of a trilogy. I am wondering why others devs can put out high quality games that are easily three or four times the length of this game while this dev cannot and I guess they expect us to pay two more times to get the full story, while putting up with numerous glitches. I wouldn't mind so much if the game were actually of high quality but it is not.

The first game (this one) raises more questions than it answers. This is not a complete game. You will need to purchase two more and with the glitches it would probably be best to purchase the CE.

I'm not happy with it.

However, the story is pretty good as far as I can tell from the very limited information I got from this game. As for being scary, it hardly rates any type of warning other than a warning of numerous glitches which I suppose can be quite scary.

I can't shake the feeling that I am expected to pay three times the normal price for what should be one game. I don't like that. The devs tell you their reasons at the end of the game - they say they couldn't have such a high quality game if they combined it into one. But it isn't a high quality game! So why three short games instead of one normal length game?!?

I am hoping they put more effort into their next attempt. At this point I am not interested in purchasing it anyway unless it's in a sale.

Edit: I didn't even gain the achievements for finishing the main game and bonus game. Wow.

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