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Re:Post your REVIEWS for The Others here

[Post New]by crypsynight on Apr 16, 14 9:31 AM
I was a bit unsure at the beginning of this game, but it definitely got better as it went along.
I have a 24" wide-screen and it filled the screen perfectly without distortion. I had no technical issues, and no lagging cursor.
What i liked most about it was that it wasn't the easy-breezy games you see a lot of. You did have to think on occasion.
Only complaint i have is that just as it totally captured my interest, it was suddenly over.
I really hope there will be a sequel. :-)

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Re:Post your REVIEWS for The Others here

[Post New]by murphy1018 on Apr 18, 14 4:07 PM
I don't understand all the rave reviews for this game. Thought it was awful and didn't bother finishing it. Aren't we a bit beyond 'old school' games?
I certainly would not recommend this game.

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Re:Post your REVIEWS for The Others here

[Post New]by Radgame on Aug 15, 14 1:29 PM
Based on Demo:

This game could have been brilliant. It has a cool story, beautiful graphics (in the non-foggy areas), a variety of locales and a good balance of HOGs (clear and detailed) + puzzles. The detail of the face on the entrance to the amusement! But, that's where it went downhill.

Even the fast-filling hint button couldn't overcome the fatigue of the back-and-forth involved. Also, the lack of a map (a transport one was essential IMO) meant having to remember locations. Usually, I play a game over 2-3 days....w/o a map, that's tough to do.

I don't mind old-school as long as it's fun. An extremely sticky cursor, lack of map and no widescreen made it a no-buy for me. Too bad!

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