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Re:Please post your TECH ISSUES for Royal Envoy 3 Collector's Edition here

[Post New]by MikeCod on Apr 26, 15 1:07 AM
Strange timing issues which came to light in Level 108--also mentioned by a couple of people in the L108 threads here.

1. Clicking to start the timer at the same time on two different computers, my friend and I discovered that I have a good bit longer before the 3rd-star is missed--around 15 seconds.
That would be okay if my game actions ran a bit slower [could happen with different CPUs in the two machines]. So we ran 3 tests--clearing all the food bottom-right in L108, building and stocking a dovecote, and building a well followed by fully tricking out the two starting cabins. In all tests, we finished at the same time.
Conclusion: my game actions aren't slower.

Both of us downloaded the game probably in January this year, so it's not that we have an old version which has since been patched [no patch this year, I assume?].

2. We checked the two YouTube videos for L108, and the first thing we saw was how much lower the 3-star bar is on the videos. I mean, instantly visible without needing to measure it in ant way. Like in one video, the 3-star bar was nearly 2/3 down the timer--whereas on both our computers, it's roughly half way down.
Someone also mentioned this in one of the L108 threads here.

This is very frustrating for my friend, who is as good as I am at these kind of games. I can finish L108 standard mode with time to spare for 3 stars, my friend misses it by 10-15 seconds even with me sitting beside and playing navigator. I can't get close on her machine either. Shame she loses a lot of the CE value by not being able to get into expert mode.


Re:Arid Lands level 33

[Post New]by johnnmar on Aug 20, 15 10:24 PM
this level doesn't seem to conclude. it asks for 3 sawmills & 2 markets & already has 2 farms. that leaves spots for 3 houses, but even with upgrading & gardens, it doesn't complete the level. something appears wrong with the level. help as I can't get past this level.

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