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[Post New]by Greeneyes6282 on Nov 7, 14 3:15 AM
I have been playing this game for a few months now and I loved it until this last update I dont understand what they were thinking, You cant get anything you need for creation it seems every time I choose my reward at the end of A room it is the same thing you have to play the same room for days just to get what need I dont have A lot of money to spend on games and prefer to buy new ones not spend it all on free to play games


Re:Reviews for Agency 33

[Post New]by wildfire_1a on Nov 25, 14 10:33 AM
I started to play this game over the weekend, and I had to uninstall it, delete the files on my computer, and reinstall it because the game decided not to count down for energy and it was not replenishing my energy. (I tried to just to a quick uninstall and reinstall, but that didn't work, hence the reason why I had to delete the files off of my computer.)
The game was fun at the beginning, because I only had to wait a little while for my energy to refill, plus I was able to create energy when I needed it. However, now that I'm further along in the game, level 16, the energy seems to take forever to fill back up, and not able to create energy because you have to use those items to complete missions. Now I wish I hadn't used those items to create energy earlier in the game.
The developers may want to add using the coins that you earn to be able to pay for stuff in the game, not just the diamonds. Also be able to exchange coins for diamonds and vise versa.
I'm the type of person that wants to play more than just a few minutes to a time. I also am the type that is getting sick and tired of the supposedly free to play with restrictions. If it's free to play, then it should be free to play for however long you want to play, not with restrictions and not with in-game purchases. To me it is almost like a Ponzi scam when game developers do that stuff, and that ticks me off, and then I don't download or play those games from those developers.
I hope that the developers make some changes to this game to make it more enjoyable. If I have to keep waiting to play, then my attention will just go to a different game that I can play longer, and then I'll just quit playing this supposedly 'free to play' game.


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[Post New]by chanteus on Dec 21, 14 9:15 PM
I enjoyed this game at first but I find it frustrating now that I'm at level 15. I just don't feel like dishing out money every time I need diamonds. Awful game.

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Re:Reviews for Agency 33

[Post New]by erica077 on Dec 22, 14 10:13 AM
This game was challenging enough before the last 2 updates, Now its even harder to get what you need playing the hops because you have to choose a prize. Good luck in getting the one you need. NOT. Then you have the option to buy more tries with diamonds. Problem is I do not spend money to continue playing games so if I cant play without spending where is the fun. Hopefully you make it easier for those of us who either do not have the money to spend or do not wish to spend. I have been playing for over a year now and am seriously considering quitting.

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Re:Reviews for Agency 33

[Post New]by judy1689 on Mar 15, 15 5:56 PM
If you are familiar with (and love) the games Found and Midnight Castle, you'll also love this game.

It is the perfect blend of playing styles, with a whole lot more. It is perhaps the most mentally entertaining of any game I've ever played. There are many things to do to earn your way up the levels, and learning the game's strategy of acquiring and using resources is equally engaging.

While it does take an investment in time to complete some levels, which can be speed-ed up using crystals, there are plenty of things to achieve in one way or another. The timing of accomplishments keeps you busy but offers you a way to do other things while waiting to complete more important quests. If you have time to invest you can level up fairly quickly. I'm on level 45, so how it plays at higher levels will most likely be a bit different. Especially considering all the unlocked features obviously planned for the future updates. (Edit: I'm now on level 53 and anxiously awaiting a new update.)

Once you learn the secret of the Cube, you'll really appreciate the thoughtfulness of the developers.

Visually, the graphic art is exceptional. You'll probably note that they've combined the game interface in Found with Midnight Castle's more personal aspect of dealing with individual characters and quests. You'll be mesmerized by the cleverness of the moving curtains in the Creation Room. I think I had played for about 3 weeks before I even noticed them moving. Unexpected little details. A well constructed game with great planning and execution. Kudos to the developers!

I also appreciate that – so far – I do not get the sense of money grubbing. I fully like to support the developers of games, but some, like the game Wanderlust, are just greedy in their expectations of what players will pay to play. This one is not. It is a great game I fully intend (and want) to support regularly within my budget. (BTW, I deleted Wanderlust.)

Now, if only BFG would allow Club Members to use their monthly credits towards the purchase of free-play game incentives, I'd be a happy camper. Especially when you consider that you can buy regular games on sale for less than your club credits.

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Re:Reviews for Agency 33

[Post New]by flakey1 on Mar 21, 15 2:42 PM
I haven't spent a single penny on this game. I thoroughly enjoy it, get frustrated with it, but there really isn't any need to spend your own hard earned cash.

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Re:Reviews for Agency 33

[Post New]by moonryu on Apr 10, 15 10:59 AM
1) Bring back the Blessing of Nike!!!
2) And please just randomly award the items at the end of a HOS!!! This picking bubble jars is just a waste of time. Pretty graphics though.


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[Post New]by lexy54 on Apr 12, 15 4:09 PM
Have been playing this game for about 3 months, and reached level 38. It is an addictive game, no doubt about that. It is obvious that the developers worked long and hard on it. Visually appealing, and good storyline. But I just uninstalled it.

This is why:

1) For a "free to play" game it is extremely expensive. Spent way too much money trying to get ahead. You can't accumulate the necessary tools (diamonds, stamps magnifying glass, tweezer) quickly enough to keep it moving at a reasonable pace. You can accumulate game gold like gang busters, but there is no place to spend it. Everything you can buy to help move the game along requires either diamonds or stamps, not in-game gold. Since you can't accumulate diamonds and stamps at anything even remotely resembling a reasonable pace, you have to go to the bank to buy the packs with real money at about $30 a pop.

2) The roulette game cheats. When you win chests, what actually appears from the chests is not always what it previews. For instance, I won a chest on more than one occasion that supposedly contained 30 diamonds; it did not. Instead I got an amulet, or an energy item.

3) Each quest to obtain one item requires multiple creations, and each creation requires multiple ingredients. For instance, you need to make a formula to open a mailbox. Then you need to make another formula to open the thing inside the mailbox. And then you take the thing to where it belongs, and you have to complete 3 or 4 more major quests to use it. And each creation takes progressively longer to the point of ridiculousness. I was up to 55 hours for the creation of one item. Yes, there are time seals and amulets to reduce the time required, but again, accumulating those can get pretty expensive in terms of time required and energy spent. And grinding gets pretty boring. See point 1.

3) I have never been able to locate the Blessing of Nike. It did not appear at all ever. Some people seem to have seen it at the beginning of the game but then have lost it at a certain level and have had to pay 100 diamonds to get it back. See point 1. Not sure where they got it back from, as I have never seen it.

4) There seems to be no end in sight as far as finishing the game. Everytime you think you are getting close, you end up being wrong. And you end up spending more real money, see Point 1.

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