Re:Reviews for Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery

[Post New]by PeachyPolly1 on Feb 8, 15 3:35 AM
I have reached 66% in the game and all I can now do is go to the casino, get medicine for a sick boy or catch a wolf. It seems I wont get any further until I have completed 900 turns at cards and at roulette, plus caught wolves and "bad guys". Haven't seen any bad guys yet and cant always get the trap to catch the wolf. Don't think I will bother playing anymore as its just all too too boring. This is really disappointing considering how much fun it was previously, its as though the writers cant be bothered anymore. 900 goes at Casino? Surely that cant be correct?


Re:Reviews for Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery

[Post New]by Peedee1958 on Feb 17, 15 9:41 AM
While I enjoy playing this game...I hate the FOG! It's giving me carpal tunnel and hurts my hand! Just thought I'd pass this information along. I'm probably going to have to stop playing because of it! Thanks

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Re:Reviews for Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery

[Post New]by jforever on Mar 18, 15 12:47 PM
Loving the last update!!!!!!!!! Thank you, devs!!!!


Re:Reviews for Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery

[Post New]by SaraBlue72 on Jun 27, 15 4:36 PM
I'll try to keep this short...

1. Ridiculous running out of energy and only being "paid" one crystal at a time when it takes 20 - 30 points of energy just to get into a HOP.

2. As a Big Fish Customer I already pay a monthly subscription fee and I buy plenty of games every month... I shouldn't be practically ransomed into buying crystals in order to keep playing this "free" game.

3. How is this for exciting.... I wait about 40 minutes for my one point of energy every 3 minutes to finally hit the "20 mark" and then I have to super speed my way through a HOP in order to MAYBE get one of the items I am looking for... nope!! Oh, sorry, instead of the item, I earned more gold which will not buy more energy or more crystals... so then... wait for it... and I mean wait for it... another 40 minutes for another chance. I feel like I'm in Vegas and I'm in the hole.

4. I won't download another "free" game like this. I'll go back to my "free hour trial download" where at least I get to play for a straight hour rather than a speedy 30 seconds followed by 40 minutes of waiting.


Truth about Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery

[Post New]by HobbyIntellect on Jul 13, 15 10:31 AM
This game is addicting but extremely slow. You have to pay for faster progress (I'm impatient). As a result, I'm at level 26 and only 62% through solving the first chapter. I've been playing for 3 days and paid $98 for extra diamonds and gold. Here's the thing: I love this game, graphics are exceptional, story is believable, and I'm having fun with it. But ninety-eight dollars later I believe this is not worth it. Unless you want to wait every couple of hours to receive more energy in between playing for 30 minutes. Every thing costs diamonds to buy. I bought everything to supply my office and a complete outfit. So I have extra percentages of gold, probability of finding items, experiences and energy renewal (not to mention the charms).

Every new level you reach it's like the cost of living goes up 20% but your paycheck only goes up 5% so you can't reach the next level without a long wait or spending real money. It takes me four to five full energy renewals to reach the next level. Every time you reach a new level you get one full energy renewal. And here's another thing, you have collections where you have to find the objects to complete. I believe that there should be a limit as to how many of an object can be found so that its more fair. For instance, I have 17 of one item and none of the other ten items I need to complete the collection. That's just wrong.

I believe these and other items should be able to be sold back to the company, even at half price, whether it be diamonds or gold. That should give us players a fighting chance without having to go in debt for one game.

UPDATE: I'm now on level 39 and only 71% through solving this mystery. Here's the thing, when you reach 5 stars at a scene then a new scene is supposed to open. But most scenes, if not all of them, are not finished and are waiting for updates from the developers. The game shouldn't keep sending us to these scenes until they are complete. Also, sometimes when I click on a hint, it doesn't always do what it's suppose to do and a hint is lost for no reason. And, when I put money in the crystal maker and give the boy his soda, I come back to find one crystal instead of 10 because "it got too hot". The boy is supposed to watch it when you give him a soda. Bugs, bugs, bugs

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Re:Reviews for Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery

[Post New]by rheashard2 on Jul 16, 15 4:14 PM
I enjoy this game and the variety in it. I have played it for several weeks. However I am writing a negative review and will no longer play this game. It requires too much use of the mouse and click button. The click and drag is needed to explore the main map for some tasks. It is needed when the rooms being explored go into some modes especially the mode with the fog. It is necessary to click an area in order to remove the fog to search for items.the fog is constantly moving so areas need to be cleared frequently. This is a problem for those with handicaps. I have severe hand and wrist arthritis. My time of mouse use is limited brief periods daily. I have to over click these rooms because of their nature. This increases my pain and limits play time even more. It is possible to purchase with RL funds virtual items to aid in removing these obstacles. I am on a fixed income and this is not practical.I

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