Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Wanderland here

[Post New]by fallenskies on Feb 7, 15 1:54 PM
WORST GAME EVER....this game sucks the big green one! If frustration, disappointment and anger is your idea of good time then this game is for you. Otherwise is a joke. You play the same locations over and over and over only to never get the items you want or need. They over load the tasks with items you can not access and the ones they do let you access you have to play 45 times in an attempt to get 4 of the same items to play a different location only to find you have to play that location an additional 45 times to get the one item you need. The nightmare just goes on!

They force you into buying gems to upgrade but give you NO way to get a gem without your credit card and a $ will be a cold day in hell before I give anyone more than $5 bucks for a game that I don't get to own. The few gems you receive for leveling up doesn't come close to the number they require just to go forward. It is suppose to be a free game and the whole entire thing is a joke. Instead of give an trinket for logging in daily how about giving out a daily gem so you have a sporting chance of playing.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Wanderland here

[Post New]by Alikatt8 on Feb 11, 15 8:43 PM
Currently I owe again Golden Idol 28 rubies, Well, 25 rubies and Shelter is coming due probably for approx a similar amount that is in total 78 rubies give or take.
Who can afford this every three days or so? If you buy from the bank, you'll get 200 rubies for $20 - these rubies do not go far. There's almost half gone already.

Currently, to activate some Collections who have resources missing it would cost me $120 or 1,200 rubies

Here is a picture of random Collections requiring resources

Collection 1 resource each : Magic Butterfly
Magic wand 8 Bottle 17 Funnel 8 Cork 8
Total 41 rubies

Collection 2 resources each : King Supper Cufflink 28 Mystic sign 18 Candle 24 Cork 16
Total 86 rubies

Level 3 resources each : Riding Set Silk thread 27 Ribbon 60 Cork 24 Bottle 24
Total 162

But wait, it gets better

Level 4 resources each : Fireplace Candle 48 Pestle 48 Mortar 56 Ribbon 80
Total 232

Level 5, say Ranger for test tube, bottle, mortar and spindle total 280 rubies
Level 8 say Hunter Set - for magic wand, pencil, silk thread, ribbon total 376 rubies

Once you go higher into Level 9 collections, you'll be looking at 700 rubies to 'complete' a Collection. You only get 200 rubies for $20 at the bank.

What is this? Are they having us on? Maybe its just for the rich?? There is NO CHOICE to payout these Collections for coins like they used to have - they took that away

All it wants is money for the 'free gifts' Idol/Well/Shelter, money for collections, money (rubies) to fight the ogres etc and then we get a PIDDLY 1 ruby reward in Achievements.
What a JOKE.

If you do not have a quest, you will not get what you click on after you've clicked on what you require by pressing "Find". You don't always get what you need fighting the Creatures.
Currently at my level 40, I'm required to 'pay' 70 rubies for 5 Mortars to 'send the ship'. ????

Play other Big Fish Games, they are much kinder to the players and who don't mind spending their hard earned cash, for they get better rewards and easier quests.


starting over

[Post New]by afarrell on Feb 11, 15 10:11 PM
can anyone tell me how to restart this game with out deleting it, then reloading it.
I just want to start the game over and play from the beginning.
I agree with all players who have played this game, more energy seems to be used than the other free game such as "found " or " awakening kingdom".
The graphics are good and the story line is interesting so any ideas on how to restart the game over will be greatly appreciated.


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Wanderland here

[Post New]by fallenskies on Feb 14, 15 6:57 AM
Got tired of the BS requirements to only be disappointed and this game demand more and more coins, gems and stupid trinkets just to open the run around and around playing the same 3-4 HOS because you can not access the other locations without a pile of torches or bags of grain....worthless game and NO your graphics are not that great and don't compare to the level of quality that I am accustom too.

I done with ya....dumping your BS game, uninstalled today...bye, bye!

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Wanderland here

[Post New]by Twinmom007 on Feb 19, 15 2:45 PM
I like most of the BFG ftp games, but this one...should really be renamed Frustrationland. Locked portals, curses, constant hurt for energy to play more than 20 minutes, the great need to open my wallet and not trickle but POUR money in to get anywhere. I am level 20 and cannot quest to get the parts to unlock portals. The puzzle styles are frustrating, darkness, clouds, upsidedown, oh sure you can banish this frustration with many dollars, mebbe. Even using items does not guarantee you will get the result you want. This game has too many negatives, what with curses, barriers, expensive quest and collection items, and the ever hungry well and idol.

It's pretty, the story is nice. But I REFUSE to open my wallet, UNTIL it gets FUN.

Send this back to the shop for a retro fitting, playing it is NOT fun, and frustrating people from the start is not a way to get our money. There is absolutely nothing exciting enough about this game, to make me want to open my wallet to buy gems or items to progress it.

(Try letting us through some barriers via questing, not paying 50 bucks, and I may get excited enough about progressing the game, to actually open my wallet.)

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Wanderland here

[Post New]by sthrightwhale on Feb 20, 15 2:02 AM
if you want a game that will cause frustration, anger and boredom this game is for you.
the creators are greedy selfish inconsiderate people that care little for the enjoyment of the players. I urge everyone to read through the comment before considering this game


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Wanderland here

[Post New]by AngelLabOwner on Feb 25, 15 10:15 PM
The concept is good. HOWEVER the rewards are few and far between. It should not be so unreasonable to open a new area or even enter into some of the HOS where it takes too long to get the required number of "keys" to enter into a scene and not get the item that is needed for a quest.

The cost of items to play to find items needed for quest is outrageous. I do not have a credit card and being almost forced to have to pay.... just makes me want to uninstall.

This game is not of BF standards for FTP and I have played many with mixed feelings on some, but mostly enjoy the time I spend playing BF games.

I am sorry but this game fails the lab test.


Re:This game sucks

[Post New]by ShreveMom on Mar 2, 15 2:34 PM
I have had nothing but trouble with this game. Getting gems is next to impossible. The HOS is hard enough regular but turning it upside down WITH a timer on it is ridiculous. I deleted this game once but thought maybe I didn't give it enough time. This time I am deleting it for good. I'm just glad that I didn't pay anything for this.


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Wanderland here

[Post New]by MJZigZag on Mar 5, 15 6:25 PM
Not a lot of gravy in this game.

You spend a lot to get very little back -- I'm embarrassed to admit I've spent over $50 & I feel like a sucker.

The reward set-up is incredibly uneven, and the wrinkle of waiting for curses to find needed objects completely stalls out gameplay. You can't advance.

I'll likely ditch this one like I did Magic Castle & Agency 33...same circus, different ring.

It's a bummer because if I didn't feel so hosed I'd probably enjoy the gameplay.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Wanderland here

[Post New]by jforever on Mar 24, 15 5:37 PM
This game is so depressing to me. I was having fun, but the thoughts of playing the hos time after time just to get torches and bags of flour? to open the other hos is very depressing, or trying to combine items. I tried to play before I came on the forum, but just couldn't do it. Sad, too, because this could have been a fun game.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Wanderland here

[Post New]by findus02 on Apr 22, 15 12:20 PM
I have been playing this game for about a month, and now I am REALLY bored with it. I am on level 30 at the moment.
I am no longer getting anything useful from the HO games, and it is taking forever to find things to complete challenges,or to fill the crates on the ship.

I have decided to leave it for a while to see if I can be bothered in the future.

The game is very expensive, as you cannot progress very far without spending money. IMHO there are two many challenges, and the coins and energy run out far too quickly.

I doubt I will live long enough to finish the whole game!.


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Wanderland here

[Post New]by dptcdgls on Apr 22, 15 8:55 PM
It really sucks that a so-called free game really takes money to progress.

I have spent over 8 weeks trying to get a requirement for a quest, and it's only found in one place when the mirror curse is on. It has only happened 3 times in over 8 weeks! And each time I didn't get the required item...seriously considering spending less time on this game. I refused to waste money on it.



[Post New]by SBquin on Apr 24, 15 10:20 PM
I soon discovered that the whole object of this game is to visit the bank. In other words: "come children, make me rich!". Stupid, stupid game. Do you really think users have this low level of intelligence?? You should realize that the majority of users play games for relaxation. The aim is not to enrich the developers - no - that is not why we buy your games. It is to be deleted.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Wanderland here

[Post New]by findus02 on Apr 27, 15 4:33 AM
Had enough now. Got to a point where I can't do anything without coins or rubies, and I refuse to buy any more. The well needs 26,000 coins and the idol needs 31 rubies.
The game is a joke. I will be getting rid of it today.


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Wanderland here

[Post New]by Clarrisani on Apr 27, 15 4:11 PM
At the point where it can take almost a month to complete a quest without throwing any money at the game, and I'm only lvl 17! Game is definitely balanced toward forcing you to pay to play (or rather, pay to win). It's becoming an endless source of frustration.


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Wanderland here

[Post New]by whiteanglegirl on May 7, 15 7:59 PM
Honestly unless you are rich don't bother. what you need especially for activating collections isn't provided no matter how long or hard you try for it so you will need to be able to buy gems lots and lots of them to continue in this game. Finally you may have enough torches or sacks of grain to go into a scene and then you don't get what you need so you spend ages getting enough again only to find the scene has been cursed so the torches or grain are going to be wasted in removing a curse not getting game bits. I am high up in the game level 45 and have hoped things will change but they haven't and Unless the developers start listening they are going to lose more people as I have seen lots have given up because of these issues. It is an Awesome game other than that.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Wanderland here

[Post New]by jmsfell on May 17, 15 8:15 PM
It could be a very good game but I deleted it from my computers to save my sanity. Very positive: There are lots of quests and puzzles that could be interesting to pursue.

I am an old woman, love HO games. I don't mind to put on an extra pair of glasses to follow the requests nor I mind if I sometimes fail and need to repeat.
What I mind is that the researching of the HOS does not deliver at all.
Very negative issues:
a,I found that after level 12 or so the game becoming less interesting. The quests are no longer relating to the story but rather to the arbitrary collections of goods leading nowhere, or one can have some benefits from them if buying the "assistants" for the exchanges.
b, Searches will not come up as "promised" as a possibility but reward you with an arbitrary item, such the 30th find of an insect.
c, The game will not recognize if an item was already found and in the collection and rewards only for new finds.
d,The quests are including items prematurely, aka there are available only at a later time/level which makes the game stop until the request is cleared which is an impossible task.

While i was not the victim of highway robbery of buying helping hands, I still resent that the game turns stagnate without a serious investment but furthermore I read several comments that even such investment would not be satisfactory.
The creators of this game should make the "random generators" function as to allow a fair chance to the players.
The graphics are good overall, but some of the HOS can be improved with colors.


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Wanderland here

[Post New]by dptcdgls on May 27, 15 9:57 PM
If you think this is a free game, guess again! I have tried for over 3 months to get the brass ingot from the cursed swamp...I have only gotten the right curse 4 times in over 3 months, and then failed to get the required ingot for a quest even though I easily found the items in time.

I'm almost to the point of quitting the game. I don't mind working harder to find certain quest items, but when you can play week after week and not get any quest items needed is ridiculous.

And I agree, if we want to upgrade the well or the idol, it should be our choice and we should still be able to use them at the current level until we've earned enough to upgrade them. The amount of gems necessary to upgrade them is utterly ridiculous!

Free game, this is not!!!


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Wanderland here

[Post New]by innaik on May 29, 15 3:22 PM
Looks like it would of been fun, but this is obviously money sucking game. I'm quitting. There is no way I can play without spending a lot of money too bad it was a good design and not bad idea..


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Wanderland here

[Post New]by Robster101 on Jun 3, 15 12:28 AM
This game is WAAAAY TOOOO expensive!!!

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