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[Post New]by mouser9169 on Oct 12, 14 6:39 PM
lilyr wrote:Thanks mouser. I just did another of the Leodici string puzzles using your instructions. I think, since I finished the timed event, I could relax and break it down into small shapes.

Glad to hear it

Btw, the Leodici ones are easier than the pharmacy molecules: even though you won't get as many triangles,you will get distinct groups of four or five, often hanging on the end of a line., You may want to get used to the them there before you dive into the more complicated webs across the way.

Often I find the Leodici strings break up into two completely separate chains, each one of which is MUCH easier to deal with than one whole jumble.

Edit: @ no one in particular:

And since the OP mentioned "find" quests before the tangents started, don't forget the positive side of the quests: you get to keep the loots when you're finished.

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[Post New]by cora_maxim on Oct 13, 14 9:31 AM
thank you all ! I'll definitely not even look at the mayor lol

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