$6.99 for that??


Re:$6.99 for that??

[Post New]by petporcupine on Apr 18, 11 1:06 PM
Thank you, Martila. I respect you and your comments, and you have made me think. I always appreciate an intellectual discussion.

If older games could be updated, that would be a great idea. I'm sure that is a challenging task.

I might have considered trying the second Agon game based on your recommendation, but then Big Fish doesn't have any of the subsequent installments, so again I am afraid I will be stuck with a story that isn't brought to its conclusion.

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Re:$6.99 for that??

[Post New]by Martila on Apr 20, 11 10:41 AM
Thanks, petporcupine Well, if you liked AGON in general (except for the staircase... ) than you may give it a try any time. The title From Lapland to Madagascar contains two episodes, both longer than The London Scene. And both are entirely standalone stories. And in fact, altogether only four parts are ready, the last one (at this moment) is The Lost sword of Toledo. Maybe Big Fish will have it sooner or later. (Part 5 is under development). The episodes do not build on the previous ones, so you may play them really any time. (parts 2-3 were made in 2004 and part 4 in 2007 which is reflected in the technology and graphics of course, but otherwise the gameplay is nearly the same).

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