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Re:500,000 coral.....HELP! Anyone?!

[Post New]by Lisrose on Jul 9, 09 11:54 AM
I finally beat it with the shorter timer, since I didn't know there was a newer version till now :p I found it was mainly a click fest - build enough stores to keep your income at a level where you can constantly click to buy coral. Took far too many tries - though it was nice to get a challenge since I was able to get gold on every other map with at most 2-3 tries.

-I would reload the map till i had the pre-made mansion on a lot either in the center row or on the top in one of the middle three slots
-I kept the lower row for my industrial/commercial buildings
-I built extra commercial buildings at the start then removed them for the mansions about mid-timer.
-After the 4 mansions were inspected I replaced the school with another garden.
-There is plenty of time to build the mansions so focus on the gardens after your gold is flowing in.
-Start buying coral as soon as you have a 100,000 gold - with that much gold and decent income you can buy the last mansion within its sales time.

(this was Aquapolis dl version d570239633, current version available is d575221871)

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Re:500,000 coral.....HELP! Anyone?!

[Post New]by rayck on Jul 9, 09 12:14 PM
Great job,Lisrose
I can beat the lv27 in the shorter timer version too.
I think the new version they increase the golden time by two minutes.

For me I very like this level for the task design part and it let me think about a totally different strategy to achieve the golden time.

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Re:500,000 coral.....HELP! Anyone?!

[Post New]by suziedog on Jul 9, 09 1:23 PM
After trying this level for days i uninstalled and reinstalled game, clock started at 10 and half minutes and counts right down to zero. Completed expert mode 1st time with 1 and half mins to spare.

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Re:500,000 coral.....HELP! Anyone?!

[Post New]by jiferin on Jul 10, 09 12:27 AM
I had a problem with this level too, but I found that after I got frustrated and uninstalled the game then reinstalled the game I had 10+ min intead of 8 min.


Re:500,000 coral.....HELP! Anyone?!

[Post New]by kmadventures on Jul 10, 09 1:56 AM
THIS IS GOING TO HELP. Ok I played this level like 100 times, and I used Jon C's technique, BUT what I figured out is that if you click repeatedly on the screen right next to the coral delivery scale it allows you to buy coral at a much faster rate. This was the key to me finishing the level with gold with 10 seconds to spare. Whew, it was driving me nuts. It is also important to start with the right map. The already built mansion should be in the middle row where you can build a garden on either side of it, once you buy it, it's ready to go, no need to build a fence or filter once you have it.


Re:500,000 coral.....HELP! Anyone?!

[Post New]by kmadventures on Jul 10, 09 3:43 AM
Oh, BTW, this was done with the shorter amount of time, not with the new patch. Also, I had 3 jewelry shops. I would not demolish the prawn shop, wait, then build on top of it. I would leave the pawn shop, find an empty spot to build the jewelry shop while the prawn was being demolished. Then I would build another jewelry shop on on top of the old prawn shop, then demolish the hardware store and then build another jewelry shop on top of the spot where the hardware store was. So I always had enough money to buy the more expensive houses and to keep click on the coral button. I was also able to buy about 22 sharks this way.

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Re:500,000 coral.....HELP! Anyone?!

[Post New]by MsCIn513 on Jul 10, 09 7:25 PM
I have gold in all the levels except level 27 there is a glitch in it. Everyone saying they have gold in it are incorrect. Its impossible. You are only suppose to produce 5,000 coral. The game is not hard actually very simple thats how I know there is no way to get gold. Please pay attention and notice they give you 2 different requirements.

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Re:500,000 coral.....HELP! Anyone?!

[Post New]by NormaNorman on Jul 11, 09 5:57 AM
MsCIn513 wrote:I have gold in all the levels except level 27 there is a glitch in it. Everyone saying they have gold in it are incorrect. Its impossible. You are only suppose to produce 5,000 coral. The game is not hard actually very simple thats how I know there is no way to get gold. Please pay attention and notice they give you 2 different requirements.

No really. We are not lying (or incorrect as you say.) I wouldn't do that. It was hard as heck, but not impossible. On the other hand it seems a reinstall is fixing for folks anyways, so it's all good.


Re:500,000 coral.....HELP! Anyone?!

[Post New]by bethgamer01 on Jul 11, 09 7:16 AM
Lady_BunBun wrote:
Jon_C wrote:
KatOh9 wrote:Personally I think it's another bug in an already extremely buggy game.

For instance, the intro text says "grow 5,000 coral from your own garden". But in reality, the game requires you to grow 100,000. Big difference. I think I came close to the 100k... one time.

As far as achieving the 500k total coral... LOL... not in the time frame for the expert level... just not going to happen.

At this point, I guess I'm hoping Big Fish will either ask the developers for fixes to all of the bugs (and that's not counting the atrocious English!) and release a fix, or give us a game credit. This game is definitely NOT up to Big Fish standards.

Wow KatOh, you seem to really have something against this game or its developers. For someone with only 5 forum posts you don't seem to play a lot of Big Fish Games to know what the "standard" would be so perhaps you may be a little envious that such a buggy game as this one managed to get into the World Premier Section of one of the biggest casual game publishers in North America?

I think that says something about this game so i would give at least a small credit where credit is due don't you think?

And you have one post, this one.

Anyhow, that isn't the point of this thread.

If anyone has any legitimate strategy as to how to beat this level I'm interested in hearing it too because like a few others I believe it's unbeatable. Of course, I'm having a technical issue with the game in general to which I have a complaint into customer service for.

Yes this game is very fun and lots of strategy, but it does have lots of bugs. The post is correct. For example when you repair a house and the hammer stays on the house like it still needs to be repaired, even after you inspect the house. I play lotts of big fish games and I don't post, because I'm not the blogger type. But don't be mean to someone who is stating there opion, that is there feeling and the way they see it, not right to attack them. But yes there are bugs, and the time does run out too quick. I have tryed everything on this level aand can't get enough coral, to pass to the gold level, I have made it to the gold on other levels. The way I caome close to getting enough coral to pass, is like someone stated earlier, buying coral, while, I am completing other requirements of the level. Good luck all if I pass, I will let you all know the trick.

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Re:500,000 coral.....HELP! Anyone?!

[Post New]by NormaNorman on Jul 11, 09 7:54 AM
PS. I did the reinstall and the level is comparatively easy now. Personally I think most of the levels are TOO easy, and that they should make another cookie for a set time even faster than gold, or tighten up the time required for gold.

I don't think the game was beta tested all too extensively before it went to market..


Re:500,000 coral.....HELP! Anyone?!

[Post New]by da4guys on Jul 12, 09 2:18 PM
YOU NEED TO UNINSTALL THEN RE-INSTALL THE GAME I finally got all the gold medals, these were some of the glitches I was experiencing,
1 With a minute to go on the clock it would say I didn't get the gold ribbon then go to the next time level even though the clock was showing 1 minute left
2. If I only had 4 sharks available for a store sale, it would say I needed 0 sharks for this sale then the sale would end w/o me being able to do the sale.
3 On level 27 I only had 8 minutes and on 35 only 12 minutes
4. When a hammer would appear for a repair it would stay there for the remainder of the game, regardless if I demolished the house and built something else that was inspected
Once I uninstalled and reinstalled all of these glitches went away, on level 27 I had more than 10min and like 15 min for level 35. And I was able to get the gold ribbons on both levels, still difficult but attainable

Also I didn't loose any past gold medals once I reinstalled. The game kept my saved progress

Good Luck!


Re:500,000 coral.....HELP! Anyone?!

[Post New]by humptylock on Mar 21, 13 8:12 AM
Just to give this forum a little bump... HOORAY I finally did it with 38 seconds remaning, only after HOURS of trying though, ugh.

So I tried lots of different things, at first I went for what seemed to be the obvious choices to me, like the school to gain Frenzy, the Coral Depo with the Garden Upgrade, the 2 commercial stores so that I would profit from clearing spaces and demolishing buildings, then lots and lots and lots of gardens until trying to spam the 4 mansions at the very end. No dice. Then I went on to try building nothing but gardens and that was just a nightmare, please no one try that one haha. >.< Then it turned out I was playing with my industrial buildings at the wrong end of the screen... SO I found a new strategy!

FINALLY I tried a mixture of Jon C's and moviequeen's strategies put together!
(Thanks so much to you two, your advice was much appreciated!!)
So basically the layout was...
Top row: garden, garden, mansion, garden, garden.
Middle row: garden, mansion, garden, mansion, garden, mansion.
Bottom row: prawn shop, hardware store, academy, coral depo, the school and the filtration centre.
I worked on getting rid of all the junk and buying the extra spaces in between, then making sure I had my industrial row set up, then upgrading the MANSIONS first, this is important, before reading this forum I had no idea that the cleaner houses improved your coral income, but magically, it does. =p
Then I continued to upgrade all the gardens, then just sat there spamming the 10,000 coral button, picking up any coral out on the field and making sure to send sharks to all the sales. =)

Good luck to anyone else who is still struggling with this, I hope my long-winded explanation was at least a little help! It really does seem impossible at first but persevere! It can be achieved! G'luck fishies! ^_^

-HL- Tegan


Re:500,000 coral.....HELP! Anyone?!

[Post New]by IansTiffy on Sep 8, 14 7:30 AM
Jon_C wrote:To answer your question KatOH9,

A unique strategy to beat this level would be:

First, buy 2 workers and build a hardware shop and prawn shop at the same time. Then clean the 2 debris and demolish all the small building. Leave the top row as industrial building and at the same time build a coral depot first and buy 2,000 Coral and build a School (which brings frenzy upgrade) after that.

Secondly, once you have enough material replace the Prawn shop to a Jewelry store and build an Academy (this will generate your income) at the same time and then focus on the Gardens. The mansions are not important right now as you can do them last. You need to upgrade all your gardens to 3 star as soon as possible to achieve the "Produce Coral" task.

Thirdly, at the same time you need to buy all the small buildings and replace them with gardens and mansions(only 4 mansions). You can demolish the school to a garden if you still need more Coral.

Remember, you need to keep enough income to keep clicking on the Coral Button, if your total income is more then $100,000 focus more on the Coral as income is not the primary objective. Keep clicking the Coral generated from the gardens as well. With this strategy i still had 30 seconds left. Its hard..but if you work at it I'm sure you can achieve it!!

The question I have is: When do you build your filtration center? You need that to make the mansions +25 cleanliness.

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