Cave Technology Event

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Re:Cave Technology Event

[Post New]by sir_vival on Aug 9, 16 2:11 PM
Hi Energyworker,

check the event on the right side of your screen. Open the quest containing the 'Ambulance Box'. Set the 'Multivitamins on your WL.

Maybe this helps. I think it's worth a try.

Hope this helps
Sir Vival

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Re:Cave Technology Event -Ambulance Box

[Post New]by cansrve on Aug 9, 16 8:29 PM
Energyworker wrote:My Multivitamins quest seems to have disappeared on the left hand side of my screen so can't complete the Ambulance box.
Any ideas anyone?

Hi Energyworker

Have you tried opening the offer on the right side and at the bottom selecting "Show task"? That should go direct to the current task for you,.

Hopefully that helps you find your multivitamins.

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Re:Cave Technology Event

[Post New]by Energyworker on Aug 9, 16 10:41 PM
Thank you. I tried that and it goes to The Offer of Assistance which shows 3 tasks - collect bandages and patches after which one is to assemble the Ambulance Box. I can't assemble as I'm missing the multivitamins.

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