Is it worth $20.00 ?????

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Re:Is it worth $20.00 ?????

[Post New]by avndh on Jan 16, 12 4:50 PM
I don't think so at all. While some of the puzzles and HOS's are very challenging, I wish I would have gotten the regular game - not the CE. No extra game play. Scenes are nearly all HOS's. very few things to interact with.

The music is nice I suppose - if you like an operetta style?

Also, Even thought the scenes are challenging, many of them are just too dark - no way to lighten up the scenery - so I don't know that I would have done better in the searches anyway.


Re:Is it worth $20.00 ?????

[Post New]by humptylock on Dec 22, 12 4:16 AM
I managed to find a physical copy of the Collector's Edition in a local games store for AU$9.00 (in a Christmas stocking-filler sale - regular price &19.95). If I had purchased this game for $20.00 I think I may have been slightly disappointed as I finished quite fast, and might have felt I didn't quite get my money's worth. But as a $9.00 game, I was very satisfied with the content and the puzzles. A very very fun game! =)
and yes... The music in the cutscenes was umm... Interesting? =S
-HL- Tegan

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