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Re:The iPad/iPhone/iPod touch versions of Hidden Expedition: Amazon are here!

[Post New]by sfcheri on Sep 27, 12 9:31 AM
I have just upgraded my iPad to OS 6. I seem to be near the end. I have a slingshot, four locations and a solved challenge. One location has two hidden items to be found and one hot spot (that I can find) in it, a statue in the lower left of the screen. The slingshot doesn't work on that hot spot and I haven't been able to find another either in that location or the other three.

Help, please.


Re:iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad version of Hidden Expedition: Amazon available!

[Post New]by popeye1965 on Nov 5, 12 8:07 AM
Dwgal wrote:Love the game, but I'm stuck on level 8. I put the key on the statue, the mouth of the statue opens and I see the medallion, but no matter what I do i can't select the medallion and I'm stuck. Please let me know how to move forward. So far the game is awesome and worth the $10

I see no answer to this question and it is where I am in the game. There is no walkthrough for this game and I am becoming disappointed with it...

Is there an answer on how to get the medallion out of the statue's mouth? Yes used the key to open the mouth, but nothing after that and the next map location doesn't offer anything despite my finding all the monkeys.


Spaceship? Help!

[Post New]by Gbnaabennett on Nov 6, 12 7:42 AM
I've been stuck 2 days now trying to find the spaceship. I've cleared all the other scenes, my backpack is empty, the hint button gives you no hint, I've used the advanced search function to scour the forums here, I've even googled, and read the PC walkthru, but still can find no help. Many other people have asked this and their posts have gone unanswered, so please Can anyone help me with this? I've reached the point that I'm just about ready to delete this app. Thanks in advance!

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Re:The iPad/iPhone/iPod touch versions of Hidden Expedition: Amazon are here!

[Post New]by Blackalicious on May 26, 13 5:24 PM
How do you get the cat food? Nothing happens when I tap on the hole

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Re:The iPad/iPhone/iPod touch versions of Hidden Expedition: Amazon are here!

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on May 28, 13 11:43 PM
Hi Fishies!

Welcome to the Pond!

Although it is a bit late, I wanted to link you to the thread below Gbnaabennett in case anyone else has trouble with the spaceship:

Beetle Temple: First Temple Door Puzzle

Blackalicious - If you can, I would firstly suggest completing any other available tasks or areas of interest before trying to get the food again as sometimes events in game do need to follow a particular order.

Also, you could try clicking 'around' the the area that has the food or pressing the hint at this point and then clicking exactly where it indicates, as sometimes, the hotspots that trigger reactions in the game are not quite where we imagine them to be - I have had this happen to me a lot!

If neither of these tips help though, please contact Mobile Support for further assistance by clicking on the green to the right of the page.

Hope this helps!


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