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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Jan 24, 17 11:49 AM
Strategy – As you advance in the game, it becomes more and more costly to open areas, HOSs, and ZZs. In addition to the never-ending need for coins, you also will need stamps to craft some of the items. Each player must determine how best to meet their goals/needs. I will offer some suggestions that have been mentioned by other players in various forum threads:

1. Do the rounds. When you are unable to continue progressing with the character quests, go into any open HOS that is available and search for the objects. This will help build your coins, inventory, stamps, airship items, energy units, and gift for a friend boxes. If you ONLY go to the HOS the character requests….then wait for it to recharge if you need to go back for a second item… are missing out on additional coins, items, stamps, etc. And, yes, it can be boring sometimes……but sometimes you just need to stop the character quests and do some rounds to build up your supply.

2. The selling price can sometimes be higher than the crafting cost for some of the crafted items. Some players will craft an item for the game……sell that item……then craft it again for the character quest. When you are asked to craft an item, you will always be guaranteed to get the components from the HOS or ZZ in which they reside. (If you just try to go to your laboratory and use the find button to get a component for some random crafted item, you most likely will not get that component from the location…..that’s just the way the game works.) So, when you are guaranteed to get the needed item, you can use that feature to your advantage by crafting the item….selling it for coin….then crafting it again to give to the character. Just be sure to watch your stamp count!

You can go to the following thread to learn more about crafting for profit:

3. Watch your stamps!!! Watch your stamps!!! Watch your stamps!!! One of the quirks about this game it that it seems to withhold the item you need if you run out of it completely. So, if while you are crafting (whether to sell an item or for a character), be sure to take note of how many stamps you have. Players frequently run out of the unique (brown) stamps and the Plain (white) stamps. It is recommended to maintain 20 of each stamp type as a bare minimum.

4. Exchange gifts with friends, but don’t rely on friends to always bail you out.

(Strategy continued next post)

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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Jan 24, 17 11:50 AM
5. The game will provide everything you need to proceed through the levels. This truly is a free to play game, if you are patient. For those players who want to advance through the game at a faster pace, the developers have provided a way for you to use actual cash to purchase diamonds and coins. Regardless of whether you choose to play for free, or if you choose to pay for diamonds/coins – when you reach the end of the game content, you will be waiting for several months before new game content is issued.

6. When doing the character quests, there are varying opinions about how best to proceed. Some people think it is best to start with the top character in Prof. Pinfeathers area and do all those quests before continuing on to the next character. Some players go as far as they can with the first character, then go to the second (and third) characters to see if they can do some of their quests. Following this second procedure can get you through the levels a bit faster, but it can also cause some confusion.

First, it is more difficult to follow the story line if you bounce back and forth between characters.

Second, if Anabel is sending you to the Crypt for a Murder’s Eye and if you have also activated the Knight’s quests in which he is asking for something from the Armored Bear……. You might get the Eight-Pointed Star for the Knight’s Armored Bear instead of the Murder’s Eye for Anabel. As long as you understand that you may get an item for either quest, you should have no problem doing multiple characters at a time.

Third, there are some quests in the Level 60’s that must be done in order or you get stuck and cannot proceed. If you ever are stuck with not being able to advance in the game, check the quest listing in this thread to see what you are missing.

7. The Puzzle feature gives the player another temporary advantage in that you can ask for a particular item and try to win it from the child's guessing game. The items in the list will be rearranged according to value, and many players will not correctly guess every time so they actually receive the final item they select. This feature is a boost to the coin/item dilemma, but it is still necessary to "do the rounds."

(Strategy continued next post)

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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Jan 24, 17 11:51 AM
8. The Christmas Room 2 and Spring Room 2 bring a whole new dimension to game play. Each of those rooms has 3 HOSs that will give you 250 coins when maxed out. Considering that the regular HOSs give you only 50 coins when maxed, this is HUGE!! …… So, during the Winter and Spring events, set aside your character quests for the duration. Get as many friends as you can; enter as many of their rooms as you can (you can visit each one 1x daily as well as your own private room HOSs). By time the event has ended you will find yourself flush with coins, stamps, pet food, and airship items for continuing in the game.

Each person will decide how best to play their game to level up.....some will rely heavily on the pet chests....some will rely heavily on crafting and selling....others will use the puzzles and/or amulets to gain advantages. And, there will be others who just decide to build coins and inventory by going into the scenes each time they are available.

When I started this game, there were no items in pet chests, no amulets, no puzzles. So "doing the rounds" was my way of gaining coins. I didn't find the forum until I was somewhere in the 30's for leveling up. I could never understand why players were posting that they were out of unique or plain stamps UNTIL I went through the game on PC recently (when all the new features were available).

I relied HEAVILY on the puzzles and the pet chests to get through some of the areas only to find that I could not progress with the levels because I was so low on stamps and could not craft the necessary items.

So, I cannot stress the importance of "doing the rounds" enough. Again, use the "boosts" provided to get you through the difficult areas. But use them as "boosts" not as a method of play and you will always have sufficient stamps to craft items as they are requested in the game.

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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Jan 24, 17 11:53 AM
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

1. No, we do not know when there will be a game content update to move us beyond the current game ending. Nor do we know how often updates will be offered. Only the developers of the game are privy to that information, and they do not share that knowledge with players or moderators on the forum.

2. The Odd Egg is just that – Odd. There currently is no use for it. It can be sold, gifted, or disenchanted. Some folklore around the Castle was that it was originally intended for crafting the Winged Cat. However, none of the Winged Cat components request an egg. This left one odd egg.

3. No, excess steering wheels do not get saved in inventory to be used for a future quest. It has been suggested in the Suggestions to Developers thread numerous times, but no action has been taken in that direction.

4. There currently is no in-game messaging feature. It was briefly introduced during the fall of 2016, but was disabled due to problems players were experiencing. (This is discussed briefly in the Friends section.)

5. The green vines that appear at the beginning of Level 28 have no seasonal association. You get a general idea of what is happening if you read the story line above the character quests. They leave toward the end of Level 29 when the King of the Elves leaves the Castle Gates.

6. The “black matter” that permeates throughout many of the scenes and locations also is not seasonally associated. The story behind that is too complicated for this Guide.** This black matter makes it a bit difficult to find some of the objects within the scenes – especially in the Unique Dishes HOS. It first show up shortly after you reach Level 50 – when you activate the Crown of Gnomish Heritage. It continues to be in all the scenes/locations until Level 56 when the Limb Entrance is opened.

**If you want the complete explanation, read whitebutterfly's "Midnight Castle Dialog Storyline" located here:
(copy and paste in your browser; read the sections from Level 50 to Level 56.)

(Answers to Frequently Asked Questions continued next post)

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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Jan 24, 17 11:54 AM
7. Gift for a Friend boxes can only be used during the Winter event when the tree (or Santa sack) in the Christmas room is activated for gift giving. These boxes are received at random HOS completion. You can now also trade with the children that are on the Castle Vicinity during the event. (It will be 7 holiday items to trade for a holiday wand; and 5 to trade for a gift box -- use the arrow to select the item for which you want to trade.)

When gifting a box, you lose one box from inventory and receive a Santa Medallion as thanks. The friend receives some random game item. You never know what they receive; they never know who has sent what.

8. No, the guy in the Commercial District never does get that sack/bundle lifted.

9. A “feeder” game will mostly be referenced by someone who is playing on PC. With recent developments in the operating systems for iPad and Kindle, I believe it is now possible to log onto those devices with different user accounts. This is what is needed for a feeder game – or a like device. Basically, you create another user account on your PC (or device).

After the account is created with a password, you log onto your PC with that new account. Midnight Castle game icon will already be on the “desktop” for you to click….when you do, the game opens to the beginning of a brand new game. It will then be necessary to play that game to some level (most players want their feeder game to at least be up to Level 24 because the Column of the Fallen is opened during Level 23). Once the feeder game is established, you then send a friend request from one of the games to the other. You can then exchange goodies – but you can still gift that account only one time during each 24-hour GMT period.

(Answers to Frequently Asked Questions continued next post)

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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Jan 24, 17 11:55 AM
10. Trina is in memory of someone who worked on the actual game. At the time of her death, Darcie posted the following to MC Facebook site: Hi everyone! As some of you know, we lost Trina, a wonderful member of the Midnight Castle community at the beginning of this year. Many of you had the privilege of knowing Trina, and now just how amazing she was. She brought a lot of fun to the community with her artwork, games, and willingness to help everyone, and she is truly missed. In her memory, the Midnight Castle team has invited Trina to stay in the castle that she helped bring so much life to. Stop by and say 'Hi'! And don't worry, Trina's wolves are friendly! ~ Darcie

11. The “A” and “S” collars on the wolf pups in Trina’s Key Master Shop are for Apollo and Shadow. The bird next to Trina’s chair is a robin. These 3 additions were added as a tribute to Robyn (game names Apollo and Shadow; forum name as Apollogold) who died on August 29, 2017. Robyn was one of the original “list makers” and many of the threads in the Tips and Tricks section of the Helpful Links for Midnight Castle (on BFG forum) were created/started by her.

12. No, there really is no "short cut" to get more coins, stamps, etc. There are "advantages" placed in the game features (getting HOS items from pet chests; using the Amulet feature; crafting items and selling; using the new Puzzle feature)....but these features are there to give you a boost in the game. They are not meant to be used exclusively or even frequently. The only way to get the game to give you ALL you need to advance in the levels (items, stamps, coins) is to do the rounds, do the rounds, do the rounds. Otherwise, you may be advancing, but you will run out of something -- usually stamps.

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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Jan 24, 17 11:58 AM
Quests to Level Up – The actual place in your game where you reach the next level may differ slightly from those posted here. Some players prefer to do all the quests in character order – that is, finish with one character before going to the next character. Others prefer to go as far with the first character as they can and then see if they can perform some of the quests for the next character.

While a level may be reached at some other quest, the quests will all be listed …..and all of them presented in Prof. Pinfeathers window must be performed before you can go on to the next set of quests. There are a couple of places where the game does not tell you about some quests for a character. As I get to those areas, I will try to add a note so you will be aware of an abnormality in the flow of info the Prof. provides.

The original strategy guide included the crafting amount for each item and what it cost for opening new areas, HOSs, and ZZs. But it did not give you a total cost for the level. Nor did it list the types of stamps and the number of each that were required during that level. I have included that info in this updated Guide because I think it will be beneficial to the players.

(Quests to Level Up continued next post)

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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Jan 24, 17 11:59 AM
The game cost is just a “raw” number because there is no way to compute the amount of coins you get as you go through the game. While it is true that the amount of coins you receive from the completion of a quest is static, you will also be getting bonus coins when you level up in a HOS, sometimes when you craft an item, and various amounts when feeding pets. These coin amounts are quite variable with each player depending on how frequently you feed pets, which type of pet chest you receive, how many coin bundles are in that chest, whether you receive coins as a bonus for crafting, and how fast or slow you level up within the individual HOSs.

Plus, there is the possibility that you will receive a crafted item from the Fortune Wheel, so you save the coin crafting cost for that item. You may also receive coins from winning while playing dice. You may also receive a valuable pet egg (some can be sold for $5000 coins) that you choose to sell instead of hold in inventory for crafting the pet.

So, while there is no real way of determining the exact/true cost for advancing in the game, the totals of what each quest costs will give you guidance for when you need to stop following character quest, perhaps, and just “do the rounds” for a while.

Opening new areas, HOS, ZZ will be in bold black
Helpful comments will be in purple
Crafted items will be in green

I apologize that (starting with Level 14) some of the Levels cannot be listed entirely within one post. I wanted to put in the green color for crafted items to help them stand out. The color coding takes up the available characters with the space allotted for posting. But, after the first few levels, I did start each Level on a new posting page to make them easier to find.

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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Jan 24, 17 12:00 PM
Space holder for expansion of previous topics.

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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Jan 24, 17 12:01 PM
Space holder for expansion of previous topics.

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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Jan 24, 17 12:02 PM
DISCLAIMER: Initially, the questing information was gathered as I went through the game in the first 6 months of 2016. However, the November 2016 update drastically changed the beginning of the game. The first 19 levels now reflect those changes.

Since we never know when or where the Developers will make changes, it is impossible to have a completely 100% accurate Guide.....but this one definitely is cleaner and more up-to-date than the original one.

Players start the game on Castle Vicinity with 100 coins & 5 diamonds. You get the Compass with a message the it is broken. Note: You can change your in-game name, but no avatars are unlocked yet.

Pinfeathers - Open: Carriage (no coin) -- add Needle to compass -- level 1 completed Note: There is a bubble to open Airship Tower. That opening and cost is added when a message directs player to opening the Airship Tower in Level 5.

Pinfeathers - Unlock: Castle Gates (Level 2; 5) & Anabel (1 task) & place missing letter into Compass
Anabel - Open: Broken Well (5) for Forged Key & Open: Rock Garden (10) for Nephrite Fan

Pinfeathers - Anabel (1 task) & Iron Knight (1 task)
Anabel - Shard of Soul (get Rune Stone for reward)

Unlock: Castle Entry (3 & Rune Stone from Anabel above) to get to Iron Knight. Note: When enter Castle Entry, Bubble (600) to open Fortune Wheel
Knight: Winged Amulet & Open: Astral Lamp (20) for Demonic Ring

Pinfeathers - Anabel (1 task) & Innkeeper (3 tasks); Fix compass & use it inside the Castle
Anabel - Open: Crypt (20) for Eight-Pointed Star (also get Forged Key as reward)

[LEVEL 4] Mailman delivers "Beginner's Pack" with Gentleman and Gentle Woman avatars unlocked + 10 diamonds
Unlock: Tavern (Level 4; 150 & forged Key from above) to get to Innkeeper Note: When enter Tavern, there is a Bubble (600) to unlock the Dice Game
Innkeeper - Murder's Eye
Innkeeper - Dragon's Fang & Midnight Rose
Innkeeper - Torch & Open: Burnt Tree (40) for Demon's Eye Activating the Compass, reveals a secret door to right of the door opening behind the Knight. Get Key Ring to unlock/open that door

Cost Levels 1 - 4 = 1,500 coins

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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Jan 24, 17 12:04 PM
Pinfeathers - Open: Laboratory (no coin)
Aquamarine Charm (180) & Open: Belfry (80) for Polestar
Message presents that you need Stamps for crafting and you can get them from sending airships. You are then directed to the Bubble on Castle Vicinity -- Open: Airship Tower (200)

Pinfeathers - Iron Knight (2 tasks); Anabel (1 task); Innkeeper (1 task)
Knight - Open: Stone Gargoyle (50) for Sun Amber & Links of Steel
Knight - Open: Prison Cell (60) for Rusty Cage
Anabel - Eight-Pointed Star & Seal of Courage

Cost Level 5 = 570 coins
Stamps: 2 Plain

Get a Message that you have a friend request (from John); set up friends (no coin)
Innkeeper - Aquamarine Charm (180)

Pinfeathers - Innkeeper (5 tasks) & Lord Chamberlain (6 tasks)
Innkeeper - Fibula of Rage & Polestar
Innkeeper - Sun Amber & Grave Blade

Cost Level 6 = 180 coins
Stamps: 2 Plain

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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Jan 24, 17 12:06 PM
--Get Griffin (free pet)
Innkeeper - Dragon's Fang & Demon's Eye
Innkeeper - Bow and Arrow of Stoppage & Sign of Steadfast Faith
Innkeeper - Eight-Pointed Star & Elephant's Bone -- also get Smoking Device for below
Unlock:Throne Hall (Level 6; 500 & Smoking Device) to get to Lord Chamberlain
Chamberlain - Open: Fairy Sculpture (120) for Bear's Fury & Nocturnal Ring
Chamberlain - Harpy's Feather & Polestar
Chamberlain - Heart of Moonlight & Eye of Manticore
Chamberlain - Eight-Pointed Star & Seed of Life
Chamberlain: Open: Dead Ambassador (180) for Stardust Crystal & Aquamarine Charm (180)
Chamberlain - Innkeeper (2 tasks)
Innkeeper - Open: Iron Chest (70) for Strangled Ruby
Innkeeper - Voodoo Doll

Cost Level 7 = 1,050 coins
Stamps: 2 Plain

-- Tournaments now open
Pinfeathers - Unlock: Ice Rock (Level 6; 500 coin; Torch -- use Find button to get Torch) to get to Rustle (2 tasks) & Hang all the keys on the Ring to activate them
Rustle - Open: Raven Stone (90) for Nocturnal Blood
Rustle - Open: Road Sign (100) for Bone Whip -- The Keys open the Secret Door and you see the Keeper of the Castle in the doorway (next to Ice Rock opening). Get Valeria's Diary to repair.

Pinfeathers - Chamberlain (2 tasks); Rustle (3 tasks); Innkeeper (3 tasks)
Chamberlain - Vampire Sign (150)
Chamberlain - Obsidian Whirlwind

Cost Level 8 = 840 coins
Stamps: 1 Plain

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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Jan 24, 17 12:07 PM
Amulet feature introduced/unlocked. Get 120 energy units and the No Cooldown Amulet
Rustle - Open: Game Table (200) for Fungus Among Us
Rustle - Open: Armor and Banners (250) for Raven's Eye & Stranger's Badge
Rustle - Sign of Steadfast Faith & Polestar
Innkeeper - Golden Watermark
Innkeeper - Stardust Crystal & Sphere of Night
Innkeeper - Open: Armored Bear (140) for Volume of Fury

Pinfeathers - Find a Seal of Courage and go to the Tower; Wise Dragon (4 tasks)
Bubble: (Level 8; 600 & Seal of Courage -- use Find button to get Seal of Courage to open Forbidden Tower to get to Wise Dragon)
Dragon - Stranger's Badge & Mask of Virtue
Dragon - Anabel (1 task) & Iron Knight (2 tasks)
Anabel - Black Lily
Knight - Open: Harp in Blossoms (160) for Fairy Dust & Midnight Rose
Knight - Banner of Loyalty

Cost Level 9 = 1,350 coins

[LEVEL 10]
Daily Quest Gnome and Castle Challenges are activated (no coin required for either)
Dragon - Steam Tool
Dragon - Rustle the Troll (3 tasks)
Rustle - Mask of Virtue & Demonic Ring
Rustle - Strangled Ruby & Nephrite Fan
Rustle - Open: Winter Idol (300) for Chimera's Mask & Hyena's Chain

Pinfeathers - Anabel (3 tasks); Innkeeper (3 tasks); Card of Destiny (250)
Anabel - Eight-Pointed Star & Solar Seal (300)
Anabel - Raven's Eye & Life Flower
Anabel - Stranger's Badge & Winged Amulet
Innkeeper - Open: Drunken Skeleton (350) for Mandrake Root
Innkeeper - Medal of Slaughter & Dragon's Fang
Innkeeper - Blind Justice

Cost Level 10 = 1,200 coins
Stamps: 1 Plain, 3 Unusual

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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Jan 24, 17 12:09 PM
[LEVEL 11]
The Puzzle feature of the game is now unlocked; no coin required.
Pinfeathers - Rustle the Troll (4 tasks); Iron Knight (7 tasks); Lord Chamberlain (3 tasks)
Rustle - Wings of Darkness (200)
Rustle - Solar Seal (300)
Rustle - Vampire Sign (150) & Aquamarine Charm (180)
Rustle - Blood Flow Potion (300)
Knight - Open: Fire Fountain (450) for Ice Crown & Mask of Virtue
Knight - Devil's Glove & Bear's Fury
Knight - Sign of the Predator & Torch
Knight - Forged Key & Archistrategist's Ring
Knight - Raven's Eye
Knight - Winged Amulet & Fungus Among Us
Knight - Soul Harvest
Chamberlain - Open: Flag (400) for Royal Stone & Strangled Ruby
Chamberlain - Rusty Cage & Demonic Ring
Chamberlain - Dead Mushroom & Demon's Eye

Cost Level 11 = 1,980 coins
Stamps: 4 Plain, 3 Unusual, 1 Rare, 1 Unique

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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Jan 24, 17 12:10 PM
[LEVEL 12]
Pinfeathers - Innkeeper (3 tasks); Dragon (6 tasks) & Assemble Valeria's Diary
Innkeeper - Pedestal of Wit & Strangled Ruby
Innkeeper - Child's Tear
Innkeeper - Nocturnal Ring & Steam Tool
Dragon - Vampire's Palm & Open: Bar Counter (500) for Shackles of Chaos
Dragon - Shield of Order & Polestar
Dragon - Open: Winter Garden (700) for Celestial Pendant & Seed of Life
Dragon - Anabel (2 tasks) & Unlock: Dungeon of the Cursed (Level 10; 2000; Bemusing Potion) from Anabel's tasks below to Open: Stone Chaps (900) for Cuirass of Flame
Anabel - Vampire Sign (150)
Anabel - Solar Seal (300) (Note: get Bemusing Potion for Dragon's second task of opening Stone Chaps)
Dragon - Insight Ring & Eight-Pointed Star
Dragon - Symbol of Love & Glinting Earrings (300)
Activating the Diary reveals the ghost of Valeria just below the Stone Chaps in Dungeon of the Cursed. Get Vial of Memories. Collect them all, and Valeria will reveal the path to the Mystery Chamber.
Pinfeathers - Valeria (10 tasks); Innkeeper (11 tasks); Anabel (2 tasks)
Valeria - Nephrite Fan & Demonic Ring
Valeria - Nocturnal Ring & Heart of Moonlight
Valeria - Open: Ice Monster (600) for Symbol of Sacrifice & Mandrake Root
Valeria - Fibula of Rage & Golden Watermark
Valeria - Sphere of Night & Stone of Peace
Valeria - Spyglass & Dead Mushroom
Valeria - Open: Monkey (800) for Call of Adventure
Valeria - Stardust Crystal & Web of Lies
Valeria - Rune of Purity & Bone Whip

Cost Level 12 = 6,275 coins
Stamps: 4 Plain, 3 Unusual

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Re:NEW Strategy Guide

[Post New]by Annelliegram on Jan 24, 17 12:11 PM
[LEVEL 13]
Get Message that can now set up private room. Sends you to Trina to get a key to unlock the room. Unlock: Key Master Shop (Level 13; 100)
Inside Key Master Shop -- Open: Lucky Diamond slot machine (300)

Valeria - Regal Wreath & Strangled Ruby
Innkeeper - Open: Frozen Treasure (1000) for Horseman's Seal & Rune Stone
Innkeeper - Forged Key & Torch
Innkeeper - Sign of the Predator & Life Flower
Innkeeper - Sand of Eternity & Open: Skulls (1200) for Stone of Wild Nature
Innkeeper - Banner of Loyalty & Cannonball
Innkeeper - Archistrategist's Ring & Love Potion
Innkeeper - Insight Ring & Bloodred Moon
Innkeeper - Seal of Courage & Links of Steel
Innkeeper - Bear's Fury & Harpy's Feather
Innkeeper - Wreath of Justice & Ice Crown
Innkeeper - Griffin Symbol & Symbol of Love
Anabel - Aquamarine Charm (180) & Vampire Sign (150)
Anabel - Harmful Poison (600) & Binding Fate (200)

Pinfeathers - Iron Knight (7 tasks); Lord Chamberlain (2 tasks); Rustle the Troll (3 tasks)
Knight - Nephrite Fan & Demonic Ring
Knight - Open: Carnivorous Lily (1400) for Witch's Wing & Symbol of the Abyss
Knight - Sphere of Night & Lucky Clover
Knight - Rune of Purity & Regal Wreath
Knight -Web of Lies
Knight - Roaring Lion & Symbol of Sacrifice
Knight - Book of Resignation

Cost Level 13 = 5,130 coins
Stamps: 3 Plain, 6 Unusual

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Re:NEW Strategy Guide

[Post New]by Annelliegram on Jan 24, 17 12:12 PM
[LEVEL 14]
Chamberlain - Crown of Justice (600) & Demon's Seal (200)
Chamberlain - Orb of Moonlight (300)
Rustle - Open: Mosaic Panel (1200) for Blood Greed & Chain of Blood Rubies
Rustle - Celestial Pendant & Heaviness of Sin
Rustle - Rune Stone & Live Potion

Pinfeathers - Dragon (3 tasks) & Use the Vial of Memories
Dragon - Crafty Leprechaun (800)
Dragon - Rustle the Troll ( 7 tasks) & Valeria (11 tasks)
Rustle - Open: Writing Corner (1200) for Sign of Penance & Symbol of the Abyss
Rustle - Fangs and Claws
Rustle - Demonic Ring & Open: Chained Chest (1200) for Symbol of Holy Fire
Rustle - Gold of Death & Rusty Cage
Rustle - Book of Resignation -- Rustle becomes Henry the Archeologist
Rustle - Pedestal of Wit & Chimera's Mask
Rustle - Volume of Fury
Valeria - Open: Battle Pit (1200) for Crystal of Twilight & Winged Amulet
Valeria - Sign of Steadfast Faith & Griffin Symbol
Valeria - Immortal Treasure & Sand of Eternity
Valeria - Celestial Pendant & Foundation of the Universe
Valeria - Vampire's Palm & Torch
Valeria - Silver Arrow & Shield of Order
Valeria - Styx Charm & Fungus Among Us
Valeria - Open: Mirrors (1200) for Majestic Hat & Black Lily
Valeria - Sword of Law & Live Potion
Valeria - Blood Greed & Eight-Pointed Star
Valeria - Wise Saying & Seal of Courage

Cost Level 14 = 7,900 coins
Stamps: 1 Plain, 5 Unusual, 3 Rare

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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Jan 24, 17 12:15 PM
[LEVEL 15]
Dragon - Lord Chamberlain (2 tasks)
Chamberlain - Royal Stone & Rune Stone
Chamberlain - Sparkle Flamer & Prism of Retribution
Activating Vial of Memories causes Valeria to disappear and reveal a hatch that she was protecting. Get Blossom Charm to repair.

Pinfeathers - Iron Knight (5 tasks); Henry the Archeologist (2 tasks); Anabel (9 tasks)
Knight - Open: Binding Egg (1600) for Symbol of Secret Confession & Symbol of Holy Fire
Knight - Nephrite Fan & Demonic Ring
Knight - Blood Lotus & Fangs and Claws
Knight - Symbol of Sacrifice & Heart of Moonlight
Knight - Bone Whip & Cuirass of Flame
Henry - Poisonous Stinger & Sign of Penance
Henry - Crown of Wisdom & Blood Lotus

Cost Level 15 = 1,600 coins

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Re:NEW Strategy Guide

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[LEVEL 16]
Anabel - Wise Saying & Chain of Blood Rubies
Anabel - Open: Scroll Storage (1600) for Poisonous Flower & Sign of Steadfast Faith
Anabel - Immortal Treasure & Eight-Pointed Star
Anabel - Stone of Wild Nature & Sign of the Predator
Anabel - Crystal of Twilight & Black Lily
Anabel - Thunderstorm Talisman & Fungus Among Us
Anabel - Horseman's Seal & Shield of Order
Anabel - Ice Crown & Rune of Cruelty
Anabel - Smashing Rune & Ring of Bloody Eyes

Pinfeathers - Lord Chamberlain (4 tasks); Innkeeper (9 tasks); Dragon (3 tasks)
Chamberlain - Wreath of Justice & Griffin Symbol
Chamberlain - Immortal Treasure & Crown of Wisdom
Chamberlain - Majestic Hat & Sign of Tactics
Chamberlain - Sword of Law & Heaviness of Sin
Innkeeper - Open: Book of Evil (1600) for Sign of Mercy & Pedestal of Wit
Innkeeper - Strangled Ruby & Memento Mori
Innkeeper - Blood Greed & Open: Three Prisoners (1600) for Seal of the Dawn
Innkeeper - Night Orchid & Silver Arrow
Innkeeper - Fangs and Claws & Grave Blade
Innkeeper - Beast's Scratch
Innkeeper - Medallion of Happiness
Innkeeper - Voodoo Doll
Innkeeper - Eye of Hatred
Dragon - Amulet of Challenge (1000)
Dragon - Crafty Leprechaun (800)
Dragon - Orb of Moonlight (300) & Cursed Amulet (500)

Cost Level 16 = 7,400 coins
Stamps: 11 Plain, 5 Unusual

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