Fall Begins 09-22-17

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[Post New]by silver_hawk on Sep 17, 17 10:06 AM
Today in my neck of the country it is the first day it really resembles fall.

The clouds have moved in. The sky is dim and gray. A breeze is blowing and the leaves are spiraling in the wind.

The leaves of the trees have begun to change color. My greenish lawn is a speckling of yellow from the fallen leaves.

It is drizzling rain. First rain in a long time. Not the usual heavy rain that is accompanied by thunder and lightning that we can get this time of year. No... it's the light misty type that you don't know whether to use windshield wipers on the vehicle or not. More like the type of rain that is common for the Pacific Northwest.

It's still warm enough that I have shorts on. But soon will be sweat pants weather and hot cocoa. It's nice that I'll have a month or two without heat or a/c. My utility bill should be it's lowest for the year.

Where I live there are four distinct seasons. Although we haven't had but a dusting of snow the past couple of years. I would LOVE to see some snow this year.

I take that back. Thunder just started and now have to shut down my computer

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Re:Fall Begins 09-22-17

[Post New]by Cblilie on Sep 19, 17 3:21 AM
I have a hard time deciding between Spring and Fall. With Spring there is the "rebirth" of plants and all the green, getting rid of all the dirty snow and the ability to spend time outside. With Fall, I love the change of colors and the crunch of the leaves. One of my favorite memories is one of raking leaves and then burning them. Just that smell brings back tons of memories for me.



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[Post New]by Thewerecatqueen on Sep 19, 17 7:48 AM
Halloween is my favorite part of fall

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