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Level 27

[Post New]by Shazzammmm on Apr 7, 15 9:44 PM
I have replayed this level about 5 times now and I just cant seem to get 3 stars, I have tried so many different tactics, but I just can get it..... Any help would be GREATLY appreciated

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Re:Level 27

[Post New]by Janette5 on Apr 11, 15 4:45 AM
Strategy for level 27:

1. Clear path to closest berry bush
2. Upgrade house to 2 workers
3. Upgrade sawmill to level 3 & path to other berry bush
4. Now build the path to the stone in the swamp and collect the stone.
5. It is important from this point to always & quickly collect stone & berries.
6. Upgrade Farm to level 3
7. Build well as stone becomes available - and upgrade as stone becomes available - well is going to be at level 3 before magic house is built.
8. Build gold mine to only level 2
9. build path to hunter
10. Upgrade hunter hut & build path in rest of swamp
11. Clear path to toads
12. Build and upgrade magic house (you'll need the stone just before the one frog)
13. Finish building paths
14 Send magician on his merry way to deal with the frogs.

I had plenty of time in the end - I used the "time stop" bonus throughout - but it might work with other bonuses, I don't know.

Other tips:
Do not pay off the big dude that has two piles of stone behind him - this is why I'm building the road in the swamp so early, then I have enough stone
Do not upgrade your house past 2 workers - because with this strategy you never have enough stone for that!
Stop collecting the wood that generates beyond the gold mine when you have enough and you pretty much do by the time the hunter's house is upgraded (the wood is far and takes a lot of time for the workers to run there.)
Always collect the berries except towards the very end if you have enough food.
Don't clear anything on the road unless you need the resources i.e. the stone.

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