i CANNOT do it!

[Post New]by courtney735 on Jun 19, 09 5:42 PM
my goodness. i'm usually really good at these games, but i must be missing something really obvious, because i CANNOT pass scenario 4!! you don't want to know how many times i've tried.

i've tried every way recommended. i've tried it the normal way. i've tried it multiple different ways according to the 'gamefaqs' walkthrough (not very helpful if you ask me. it tells you to do things before you are able to do them. ie: employee training,sets menus,etc.),and all the advice here. i've tried using the cheats, getting tons of money, and upgrading furniture and anything else that doesn't require a high monthly maintanence (like the outdoor decor). i've tried rasing prices, lowing prices, lowering quality, lowering and raising wages, and more..... i've even tried the 'less difficult requirements'! what am i doing wrong? usually i kick **** at these games. i really like empire, but now i'm just frustrated, and started to get pretty peeved.

help, anyone, please.........

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Re:i CANNOT do it!

[Post New]by jp64505 on Jun 19, 09 8:03 PM
I lost count how many times I restarted this one, yhen out of the blue it just came to gether! Don't give up.


Re:i CANNOT do it!

[Post New]by courtney735 on Jun 19, 09 10:32 PM
i should keep trying? there's hope? lol! if you had the same problems, and it got better once you passed that level (common in alot of games), then i'll keep trying. seriously though, i must have tried it at least 50 different times - no exaggeration, and 50 different ways. i'm just thinking i'm missing something totally obvious, which brings me to another question...

if you have to choose between keeping an impolite waitstaff, or slow food, what should stay and what should go (until you can afford to fix it)?

anyway, any other help or advice? i am especially interested in hearing from the people playing it for the third time. maybe one of you should write a guide because i think the one previously mentioned is of no help. sorry all, thanks for bearing with myfrustration! i appreciate that and any help!


Re:i CANNOT do it!

[Post New]by courtney735 on Jun 24, 09 2:26 PM
finally!!! i knew that you could choose an "easier goals" option when you failed, but i didn't realize you can continually restart the scenario - at the very begining of the level - with easier goals (each time you restart). that's why it was taking me forever. i kept playing it out until i failed. then i started again with easier goals, but had to take the time to "rebuild, re-price, etc." everything! that is what i find to be the most time consuming.

i still don't know why scenario 4 is so difficult. the goals go back to being much more easily attainable at level 5.


Re:i CANNOT do it!

[Post New]by almchris on May 16, 10 6:21 PM
I had to get rid of the upstair section and focus on the first floor. I changed the policy to have the customer share table and have the restaurant open at 1pm and close at Midnight. I have 1 captain, 2-3 servers, 1 or 2 porters, the receptionist I kept, but you can get rid of her if the salary is to much. The single chef is the main problem with the wait time so you do not want too many customers. therefore the 2nd floor I shut down to control the amount of customer and reduce the chance of them leaving without paying. Keep an eye on them, but they'll still pay when they said I'm famish... For the first 5 month, I increase the training cost up to where I am not making a lot of profit at the end of the night. I finally got the 25000+ profit on the final month.


Re:purchasing appliances and recpt desk etc. pls help

[Post New]by josettaowens on Jun 11, 10 7:39 AM
i am in the sandbox mode is that what i am suppose to be in... i have tried playing the game but it won't let me do everything i need to. i have un-installed the game and re-installed it. i do not know how to purchase appliances and reception desks etc. can some one pls help me i would really like to play the game. i am usually really good with games but i am confused. thanks


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Re:i CANNOT do it!

[Post New]by Sunbreak on Jun 14, 10 6:38 AM
Regarding the strategy for making the 25,000
First of all the place to adjust pricing is on the beverage side.
I usually set the price of red wine around 19.00 and white around 17.00
you are going to get a certain amount of unhappiness created by costs and the people are not totally happy untill you are losing money on each dish
So I dont bother lowering the prices too much. the other aspect of it is to go into staff management and mark the restaurant for table sharing. these two things should allow you to reach your goals easily without having to reset for easier play.
As has been suggested elsewhere...take your time with the early months and let your chef skills build.
Hope this helps

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