Extra Game 8

[Post New]by ldestinee27 on Apr 9, 15 2:40 PM
Can someone help me get through this level I do not know how to beat the invisible boars at all.

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Re:Extra Game 8 / Invisible Boars

[Post New]by Talula44 on May 2, 15 6:28 AM
I find the best way to get invisible boars is to use the brief freezing thing to make them briefly visible, plus pineapples, which seem to work on them even when they're invisible, plus the underground bomb thing... which I line up on the left of the field and try to keep planting them before I actually need them... as soon as they recharge, plant another. I also use those bombs for getting the digging/Trident boars, and the Stilts & Rocket boars. Plus the green pepper & squash bombs in case they actually make it to the garden... u can bomb them if they're still on the edge.

If you have your sound on, you can hear a noise on & off when the invisibles are on screen. And every now and then, they flash and you can see where they are.

Hope that helps. Not much activity in the forum for this game!

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