Bonus Game

[Post New]by diditinone on Apr 10, 15 1:20 PM
I've picked up the mailbox emblem in the living room. The Hint tells me to go to the mailbox to place it. It will not go to the side to let me place it. I have uninstalled & reinstalled the game. Anyone else have this problem?


Re:Bonus Game

[Post New]by BabyRN10 on Apr 13, 15 12:05 AM
[b]I am having the same problem with the address emblem that goes on the mailbox. From the Strategy Guide picture, it looks like it goes on the same side as the mail flag but I can't turn the mailbox at all. Very frustrating!!


Re:Bonus Game

[Post New]by BabyRN10 on Apr 14, 15 12:45 AM
PLEASE give us a solution to the mailbox problem mentioned above!!! Can't continue!

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Re:Bonus Game

[Post New]by Radgame on Apr 14, 15 12:52 PM
What you'll are facing is a definite glitch/ tech. issue......I don't know how to help, sorry! I placed the emblem on the mailbox to open it. There was no need to turn it or anything. (Win7 HP 64-bit).

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