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My Theory on Missing Flowers

[Post New]by Lilabelle on Apr 10, 15 1:49 PM
I was this close to 100,000 collected Flowers at level 61. Then the usual glitch with the Spring Update took the form of what I have decided to call Eminent Domain. They claimed approximately 20,000 flowers from me. I have read in the forums that I am not alone in this occurrence.
Think about it, the Spring update created hundreds of thousands of Butterflies for our enjoyment. As we all know in order for metamorphosis to occur they needed an awful lot of flowers to feed them.
Being one of a whimsical Nature I have decided to let this particular Glitch go Free, instead I will grab the net and catch every Butterfly possible.
A always Happy Gaming to all.

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Re:My Theory on Missing Flowers

[Post New]by FudgeChi on Apr 10, 15 1:57 PM
AH! You have explained the missing flower glitch Of course, it's obvious now!!!!! Greedy caterpillars! That also explains why there is a lot in the HOS!


Re:My Theory on Missing Flowers

[Post New]by lilredhood on Apr 11, 15 7:11 PM
I didn't lose any i actually gained some. i don't know how many it was but my count used to end in a 9 or 4 after each five flowers and now it ends in a 1 or a 6. I also know that i only had just over 4000 flowers and after the update it was over 4100.

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