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Has anyone completed all the achivevements?

[Post New]by oliversgranny on Apr 12, 15 10:21 AM
I have just one to go and just cannot get it
it is the kill 2 with one shot one
if anyone has managed this one can they tell me what they did to get it lease
I have every singled upgrade and no stars left.
Always been able to buys those before so stuck now

My only option is to keep repeating old levels
i got a tank at full blast with a 600 upgrade and nothing apparently
the wording is with a " cannon"

any help appreciated


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Re:Has anyone completed all the achivevements?

[Post New]by gamegirl8 on May 11, 15 2:36 PM
The cannon upgraded to the "shield" upgrade will allow you to get this achievement. That upgrade allows the cannon to shoot through the targets & therefore can get more than one at a time. It is best to place that one so that the barrel shoots down a whole path.
I think the upgrade costs 550 when upgrading the item during the levels.

Hope that helps!

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