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Volcano Elevator - Possible Solution

[Post New]by Sublu78 on Apr 13, 15 2:59 AM
A lot of people are complaining about this - the hint says the problem is in the motor at the back, but clicking on it does nothing and you can't do anything else until you get the elevator working.

I found that - in my case - the problem was NOT with the motor, but with the fact that I hadn't picked up the bell-pull from the back elevator. Nothing to do with the motor at all.

Make sure you have everything from the back elevator. The walkthrough, unfortunately is not very clear on this. (And I think somebody else has said the same thing - The hint there is WRONG! Glitch?)
You need the motor, the cables (x3), the arrow / clock hand and the bell pull. (Plus anything I may have forgotten. Lol!)

Before you give up and / or restart, double check that you haven't missed anything in the back elevator! It's easy to do!

Good luck and I hope this helps someone!

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