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PVZ HD Pyromaniac Achievement

[Post New]by 16paws on Apr 14, 15 3:06 PM
I have tried several times to win this achievement, playing the Day Survival level, which I have beaten several times, using Jalapeño, Cherry Bomb, Potato Bomb, and Doomshroom + coffee bean, but the game won't give me the Pyromaniac Achievement reward. Of course, I have to fill all the plant slots above the playing field or the level won't launch. But I use only those plants that I listed above. Why are they not giving me this award? I have tried a regular day level, a regular night level, Quick Play level and Last Stand, but nothing works. Dave picks three plants for you in the 2nd time around regular levels, but I use only the above plants during play. Are they disqualifying me because of the coffee bean? Anyone who has won this achievement, please tell me how you did it. Spoiler OK, if permitted.

Still having trouble winning this achievement. I won it before and can't remember how I did it. Would really appreciate someone giving me a hint or two.

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