level 69

[Post New]by mkhusmann on Apr 14, 15 9:39 PM
am i just a dolt or what??

several tries, no gold any suggestions???

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Re:level 69

[Post New]by unclepaul on Apr 16, 15 7:54 AM
Sell the two dogs and collect product and process the meat to patties
Sell all eggs and patties.
Upgrade the truck once.
The 3 pigs and 2 cats add up to 4500 so the magic figure to reach is 5500
As soon as you reach that figure sell the cats and pigs and the most expensive produce to be sure.
Buy a Cow and sell
Start buying chickens and by the time the proceeds of the cow come back you should be able to get the chickn level to 30.
In between all this you need to capture one bear.

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Re:level 69

[Post New]by romeome on Apr 19, 15 12:37 PM
Thanks UnclePaul go it. Sue

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