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Daily Deal April 6, 2015 - a gem

[Post New]by underwriter on Apr 16, 15 7:38 AM
I have had this game for I don't know how many years (since before I discovered BFG) and replayed it I don't know how many times in the original version. Even the easiest levels don't put me to sleep, and though I usually have to restart the last two levels a few times, they are do-able (and I see they have now been "simplified" by BFG anyway, but anyone who has hung in to the original version is welcome to PM me for hints). It is now one of a very few games I keep handy to play a round or two when I want to play something and don't have a lot of time. I have never regretted buying it for any reason - and I do very little Match3 and generally do not like timed games! At the DD price, it is a steal.

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