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Missing Items

[Post New]by tjwilson on Apr 16, 15 8:44 PM
You play a scene, you are awarded something that will help you in a larger quest. However, I only receive this item one out of four times (Murderer's Eye in the Iron Chest is an example). It's getting frustrating because the game keeps getting longer and I can't clear the figures' requests as fast as I should. **** and Valeria's spirit are examples. I've suspected this from the beginning and only recently started keeping track. Also, during the extra quest (i.e. Fairy) I did not receive credit for steering wheels, but as far as I can tell this has only happened today.

Something else that's really bothered me are items that are misnamed, the worst offender is the scene just off the underground, left you go to this scene, right is the pirate scene: the ball and chain is marked as shackles (which is totally wrong), the beaded necklace is called a rosary (totally incorrect, a rosary has a cross and medallion and beads of differing sizes), the crown is actually a tiara (crown is full circle, tiara is not), the dog figurine in Anubis. I mention this for several reasons, the first in that it makes the game more difficult for those of us who know in that we are searching for the object named, and later, after not finding it, clicking on the tiara for the crown. The other reason is ignorant people will remain ignorant. Two very good reasons to properly name an item.

Minus the above, it's a great game, he art is exceptional and the play is very interesting.

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