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need advice on 37

[Post New]by elizaew on Apr 17, 15 6:01 PM
I have played this a dozen times and am always short by about 1 second. Literally. Advice anyone????

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Re:need advice on 37

[Post New]by Janette5 on Apr 18, 15 2:48 AM
Here are some brief tips:

1. Get 3 workers asap
2. Build warehouse asap
3. Upgrade the mine fully
4. Don't clear the peripheral paths
5. Use the work harder bonus
6. Upgrade the sawmill only to level 3
7. Stop collecting resources that regenerate when you have enough.

Hope that helps, but post back here if you need a more detailed explanation.

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Re:need advice on 37

[Post New]by amminnc on Apr 23, 15 1:12 PM
I thought this level was the hardest of them all! Here's what I did to get 3 stars:
1. Upgrade camp
2. Build sawmill and upgrade
3. Remember to keep picking berries all the way through!
4. Build warehouse
5. Upgrade sawmill.
6. Upgrade warehouse.
7. Upgrade sawmill to L4
8. Upgrade warehouse
9. Build gold mine and upgrade to L3
10. Upgrade camp
11. Upgrade gold mine to L4
12. Keep working as far as you can until the big beetles stop you.
13. Upgrade camp to L4
14. Build hunter to L2
15. Start killing the beetles, first on the left
16. Build magician to L2
17. Start building all of the towers
18. Kill the top golem, then the bottom one
19. Upgrade the towers.
I used the time freeze bonus all the way through, except toward the end. It's still tight but very doable.

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Re:need advice on 37

[Post New]by unclepaul on Jun 12, 15 8:07 AM
After 15 tries I finally got gold in 9.25. Not as close as the two videos which got 9.10 and 9.01. Best to follow the 9.01 method as that gives you more leeway.
I upgraded house first. I build Sawmill and upgraded to 2, then warehouse and concentrated in getting the warehouse to 3 ASAP.
I avoided collecting any gold til I had the warehouse up to 3.
That way each gold (3) gave a total of 6. I used the stop time throughout.
I found it also best to upgrade a building before collecting any more resources.
Also don't get too far ahead in collecting resources so that you can direct a worker to upgrade quickly rather than wait for collections far afield.
Also I got into a rhythm, collect 2 / 3 away and then two (food /stone/ mana) close. that way after collecting the closer ones it was easier to direct a worker to upgrade a building .
I finished with 4 workers, sawmill at level 3 and Mine at level 4.
As I got up to 3 and 4 workers I started to keep one worker near home so they could easily be directed to build / upgrade the magician's house.

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