[Post New]by rosemary1083 on Apr 24, 15 11:03 AM
How do I collect the doll in the prison cell? Help!!



[Post New]by Lola62 on Apr 27, 15 7:23 PM
I have the same problem, game won't let me go anywhere else til I get that doll, BUT is there is no doll to be found!! HELP

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[Post New]by SeverineSnape on Apr 29, 15 2:47 AM
I believe there's some kind of hacksaw in the HOP that you need to use on the shackles on both its arms. It's also only available the second time you play the HOP.

As it is a collectible, and therefore just an extra, I'm not sure why the game won't let you continue without it. Is there absolutely nothing else you can do in the cell?

ETA: Oh there also appears to be a legit bug where the doll disappears when you replay the game using the same profile, provided you collected the doll the first time you played the game. It closes the HOP window before you can finish it. Unfortunately, this means you can't continue

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