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Level 31 gold

[Post New]by janinewhite on Apr 25, 15 11:05 AM
Any tips for gold on this level?
I've watched and followed both videos on YT and still can't get to the compass before time runs out for 3 stars. Which spells are best to use? What level upgrade should I leave buildings at?

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Re:Level 31 gold

[Post New]by amminnc on Apr 27, 15 1:02 PM
Here's how I made 3 stars on level 31. The timing is tight so you might have to practice a couple of times.

Chop 2 woods then upgrade camp.
Work south until you have enough gold to get that gold/stone pile blocking the way toward the farm.
Build and upgrade farm.
Build quarry.
Use double income bonus.
Work toward sawmill; build and upgrade.
Use double income bonus.
Upgrade sawmill again.
Upgrade camp.
Build and upgrade gold mine.
Start working toward the right.
Use double income bonus.
Upgrade farm to L3.
Upgrade camp to L4.
Upgrade quarry twice, to L3.
Use double income bonus.
Clear road to merchant and trade with him 3 times.
Build magician house.
Clear the golem.
Upgrade gold mine to L3.
Building bridge and clear the pile next to it.
Keep working upwards, finally clearing the last pile and getting the compass. Use run fast bonus to run back to camp.

For the first half of the game I picked a lot of berries to make sure I always had enough food to keep going; then I ignored the berries once the farm was L3. Also, just past the gold mine, gold regularly appears. You'll need it, so send someone to pick it up each time it replenishes.

Hope this helps -- have fun!

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