The butterflies are coming!

[Post New]by MsReddFox on Apr 26, 15 12:57 PM
I have every square filled in the garden and the queen keeps saying "The Butterflies Are Coming"! I'm on level 221 and see no end to it. Do you have to use EACH one of the plants and man made objects before butterflies show up on the garden?? There' are some things I didn't use because I didn't like the looks of them. Mainly all the stones, and some benches.

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Re:The butterflies are coming!

[Post New]by Kafinkee on Jun 3, 15 7:11 PM
I'm thinking the butterflies only refers to the ones in the match 3 boards that you have to drop off the bottom. I've bought everything -- at least 2 of everything -- and have almost all the squares filled but every once in a while the queen tell's me that she thinks something's missing. Been saying that for some time now.

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