[Post New]by ShredderBob on Apr 29, 15 6:14 PM
To be realistic, there should be more than one critic. Each critic should have a personality, and upon starting a new game, the personalities should be switched around so the player has to figure out which critic to listen to. The personalities could be: (1) the guy who likes the band no matter what. He will like all of your songs, whether you should keep playing them or not. (2) The guy who hates the band and will always tear it down, no matter how well you do. (3) The guy who has good advice and will be honest about what the band needs to improve, keep doing, or stop doing. This will be the guy the band should listen to. (4) The guy who doesn't know diddly. His advice will be all over the map, but it will be easy to find his head because you know what orifice it will be up. (5) If the programmers were to go so far as to put a different critic in every town, some could be against out of town bands while others will like fresh talent coming to town.

It would probably be easier for the programmers to go with 5 critics, using the first four categories I mentioned, with the fifth one being from one of those categories at random. Like I said, switch the personalities around with each new game so the players will have to figure out who the good and bad critics are.

What can I say, I dislike seeing the same critic make the same comments over and over again. What do you guys/gals think?

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[Post New]by LAndersen on Sep 13, 15 7:51 AM
You're right, ShredderBob. Getting more or less the same comments everytime gets a bit boring.

However, it would make it rather complicated, if the player was faced with whether or not a critic was fairly objective. I like that I can trust the critic, eg. when it comes to a song becoming unpopular - which is often mirrored in the "fan forum". Also, it was the critic who alerted me to the fact that one of the band members didn't know a particular song very well.

Having to deal with a hater-critic would take some of the enjoyment out of the game for me, I'm afraid.

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