on the wizzards games the checker board

[Post New]by weaselann on Jun 21, 09 10:51 AM
how do you line the 8 marbles up with out touching i worked on that until i got frustrated and gave up but it wont let me go no further than that


Re:on the wizzards games the checker board

[Post New]by LoriBrown on Aug 5, 09 10:06 AM
Its very simple to line these up, it is not trail and error as many have said. you need to get the yellow marbles on top and the blue on bottom. The minute you start you just keep pressing the buttons on each side, left right left right, until the blue and yellow have traded places. The red marbles will stay in the middle and the blue will be on bottom and the yellow will be on top when you are done. If you have managed to mix the marbles all up, just exit and go a few steps back then come back again and they will reallign. Good luck I hope this helps.

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