Inquiring Minds Want to Know - and Other Stuff

[Post New]by HisChildBeth on Apr 30, 15 8:49 AM
I am getting ready to make my 3rd try on this game. I made it all the way through Hero 1, but this one keeps nailing me! I refuse to give up!

Does anybody out there have an overall strategy to share on the best way to move through this game?????????

The biggest issue seems to be getting gold and knowing what and what NOT to sell.

One big thing I learned in my first 3 tries was to come here and start making notes.

I did learn some very important lessons already. Whenever you get a new skill, like collecting eggs, go back to the very beginning and start picking up what you just learned to do. I know it is a big pain in the tush, but this is the kind of game that doesn't just let you move straight through. You have to jump around all the time. For us organized types that is BAD!

Also, don't just grab something that has a basket, a scythe or especially a bow because you'll use up gold too fast. Leave things on the screen until you actually need them. I found no place to sell meat, and read on here that I should keep meat anyway so I can use it to get health (red stars). It is very difficult to stop yourself from trying to grab everything on the screen if it requires a tool, basket or a bag.

I am one of those "be prepared" types, and like to buy all the tools I might need or extra baskets or sacks. DON'T DO THAT! Wait to buy or make something until you actually need it.

Also learned to not sell crabs or eggs! Eventually you will be able to make something with them. Making things with what you collect gets you more money other than straight selling usually.

Tough game trying to find objects you can't see which are a lot! I have a very old computer and the resolution isn't great - or maybe it is just my old lady eyes.

Thanks for all the help folks. We need a strategy guide or walk through!

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Re:Inquiring Minds Want to Know - and Other Stuff

[Post New]by bfgBellerophon on Apr 30, 15 12:50 PM
Hi HisChildBeth,

It sounds like there is question as to when a strategy guide or walkthrough will be available. I definitely understand wanting to look into this.

At this time, the moderation team doesn't have any information as to when a walkthrough will be available for Hero of the Kingdom II. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your suggestions for other players to be aware of in the game. I'm sure it will definitely help other players. If you have a question or get stuck, I do hope that you post your questions in the Forums as well.

Feel free to PM any of the moderators if you have any questions.



Re:Inquiring Minds Want to Know - and Other Stuff

[Post New]by Jourell1 on Apr 30, 15 2:50 PM
Well, I don't have time to write up a full step by step walkthrough, but I can offer some overall tips. some might be hard for a liner thinker I find sometimes going back to the first screen and following along the same path is a good way to get my bearings and check for things i missed.

First DO NOT start building the ship until you've exhausted all the quests on the mainland. It advances the storyline but doesn't have any baring on anything in the main area. It takes A LOT of resources and hopefully once you have finished all the quests, you'll have a decent amount of gold and things you need scavenged from lost/locked boxes (ropes, nails, barrel etc) which will help defer the cost. Once you get to the part where you need cannon, get them first as you'll find a few ropes and perhaps other things you need for the next step.

Before doing any construction, especially on the ship, get the extra line at the sawmill up and running. This will drop the cost of cut boards in half (by needing one log to turn into lumber rather than two). Finding the forester's medallion and helping the other saw wood will get the wood seller to further drop his price slightly.

In general try to scavenge things rather than buy them. if you need something you don't have, look around for boxes, etc and try doing other quests which may open up areas with things you can find. if you can't find thing, well.... can't help there. sorry.

you should not sell tools or weapons, sometimes they break or other characters want one. your main sources of gold can be sold treasure (see below), scavenging and finishing quests.

some items have no quest value and can be sold
edible mushrooms (the brown ones),
snake and spider fangs
treasure chests
rainbow shells
pearl oysters

Do not sell the gems as they are needed. jewellery can be sold but hold back two to give to the lizard chieftain.

Turn herbs and mushrooms into potions rather than sell them directly. Don't sell red potions as you need more than you can make/find. you can sell some poisons and most poison mushroom as there are probably less than ten "boss" monsters that require poison

Go easy on the meat as some characters want it once you get the voyage under way. crabs and eggs are used late in the game to make crab soup but diligent clickers will find way more eggs than they need so some can be sold.

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Re:Inquiring Minds Want to Know - and Other Stuff

[Post New]by cbellcrm on May 5, 15 4:24 AM
One of the best things about this game is there is not a single strategy that works. But here's my strategy.

Phase 1 - until you get pass the troll - tutorial level, so not much strategy needed.

Phase 2 - until you get into the city - I build up energy with juicy berries, since they return my basket, and fish. I postpone collecting things like healing berries, honey flowers, and bitter herbs because of the cost of the baskets and bags. I usually postpone the quest that requires a saw because saws are cheaper in the city.

Phase 3 - until you build the ship - I first explore everywhere building up my strength with fish and juicy berries, picking up mushrooms, crabs, shells, crates and barrels. I only do quests that are cheap and easy. Next I rescue the kid (to unlock eggs and get a couple of wolf skins), go back to the mill for another wolf skin, and learn to hunt. By this point I usually have 1,000 gold. Then I start at the forest and do quests, hunt, and collect all the stuff I passed up before. Basically I do everything except build the ship and clear the sewers of monsters. Then I kill the monsters and pick the locks. By this point I usually have 3,000 gold. Then I build the ship.

Notes on gold: I never do anything specifically to make money, like making bread, charcoal, or gunpowder just to sell it. I do buy bitter herbs to make poison and sell them, because selling poison mushrooms is such a waste. Nails are cheaper at the mercenary camp, knives are cheaper in the forest, and rope is cheaper at the fishing village. Other than that, if it is available in the town square, it is either cheaper there or the same price there. I sell my crabs and eggs because by the time I can make money with crab soup I don't need the money.

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