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[Post New]by meg3f on Apr 30, 15 4:31 PM
I'm just wondering if anyone has been trying to go for the totems that come with the
'esteemed elders'.
I've gotten very frustrated when I've forgotten to pause the game only to come back and find that all of my peeps have died and I lose all of the totems I've managed to collect. So this with this current game I've been very careful. It has taken me a very long time (I have no, but I have managed to earn (or rather my peeps have) 13 totems so far.. (Not to brag) Of course I think I've only been playing this particular game for about 5 weeks off and on. I do take a break and do other things now and then.
One thing I came up with, since once you've built everything it takes a long time to become a master builder just trying to 'fix' the buildings, I started cheating a bit. But it only works with a woman beyond child bearing years... I take a young man who has already mastered one skill, almost always fishing... then I 'fix' him up with an older woman. But I don't just leave nature take it's course, that's not the purpose. I just keep putting the male on the female so they keep kissing over and over and over again. He becomes a trainee parent, then adept and eventually (a very long eventually so don't do this if you have supper on the stove), he becomes a master parent. Yippee!! Then all you have to do is put him at the science table and make sure he stays there long enough to become at least adept, then usually they stay to become a master. This is how I managed to get all of my totems. However not all of mine are from males. I was lucky enough to have some females that were nice enough to voluntarily become master builders while I wasn't looking, and then they went on to become adept fishermen. I have such nice peeps. So by the time I got to them they were already beyond child bearing years so I matched them with the young guys and while the young guys were becoming master parents so were the older women, win win
At least it worked out well for me so far. Of course it's really going to hurt when I do finally either lose the game or give up. Oh well...

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