missed the bottle

[Post New]by Blake_Bobbitt on Apr 30, 15 5:55 PM
When I took the message out of the bottle with the tweezers, I didn't take the bottle. Is there a way to go back and get it? I can't seem to do that.

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Re:missed the bottle

[Post New]by forneymary on Aug 20, 15 4:49 PM
the bottle is my issue and i'm responding here because they locked the tech thread. i have a bottle but no arrow and no tweezers to get it open. i have to empty it to fill with water. i did find a similar thread where the hint button goes mute. everywhere i am there is nothing to do and i'm incapable of completeling the task at hand. i wont be starting over. this game is just one of many and lifes to short. delete for want of the bottle, and the arrow and the tweezers. tsk.

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