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Here's an idea

[Post New]by Gilead on May 2, 15 4:26 PM
How about creating a thread and stick it so it always stay at the top, where people can ask about updates, or vent there frustration of waiting on the next update?

That way no more multiple update threads, and no thread locking, wich honestly, only adds fuel to the fire...

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Re:Here's an idea

[Post New]by Tabby100 on May 2, 15 11:42 PM

People are going to vent and complain about updates or lack thereof, because of the frustration of waiting. If everyone would go to the threads to READ what is there instead of insanely posting the question that's already been answered, well, why have a forum?

I agree that it's frustrating, but everyone should be allowed to post. If BFG or BZ cared to, they could do a 'Post Here" thingy that people could do the above. Since that is as unlikely as a new/updated upgrade in the near future, I wouldn't hold my breath......I'm sure the update will land after I've sailed off to wherever it is I'm going.

Just an FYI, not trying to be mean.

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