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order of the flowers and the rings

[Post New]by HighlandMax on Jun 21, 09 2:46 PM
2 white/yellow daisies, one rose, and one purple flower = $4.21
blue hydrangia, one rose, and one purple = $4.88
2 sunflowers, one daisy = $6.10
the rest will = the other one

Starting at top, and going left to right.......Red single diamond shape ring
green cross ring, blue diamond cut, red single triangle

green double diamond cut, red double round, blue double square, green double triangle

blue double diamond cut, blue double round, blue single square, blue, triple triangle

green triple diamond cut, red triple round, blue triple round, red triple triangle

when done correctly, a secret apartment will open at top inside of lid.


Re:order of the flowers and the rings

[Post New]by Ladyinpink607 on Jun 21, 09 3:06 PM
Thank you so much!

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