How to catch fish?

[Post New]by sunbed on May 5, 15 11:33 AM
I've tried and tried but I cannot catch a fish no matter what I press. Do I hold down the strike bar or do I keep clicking it? Or do I hold the red matchstick that is the fish?
Totally stuck but love the game and want to keep going. Help!!!!


Re:How to catch fish?

[Post New]by gracieann11 on May 8, 15 11:26 AM
After you cast and when the button below the pond turns green and says "Strike" do a click or two of your mouse until you see how far apart the red stakes are and where your green bar is in relation to them, then keep clicking, trying to keep the green bar between the two red stakes. You have to do this until the little fish goes from the left red stake to the right.

I hope that helps. If not, just say and I'll try to explain it further. Happy fishing!

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Re:How to catch fish?

[Post New]by joannebuddy on Jul 19, 15 6:49 AM
Try using your index finger I found I had more control and catching fish is not a problem .

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