Soul Force

[Post New]by Pmsmrs on May 5, 15 4:25 PM
I am stuck on level 61. Soul Force.
I get to Valeria is the only one who knows about the Force Essence, it tells me - "No Tasks" - Valeria Steiner will talk to you after the next update - coming soon!
I have been getting that message for about a week now.
Can't go any further. Is there an update coming?


Re:Soul Force

[Post New]by Catlover612 on May 5, 15 4:34 PM
I am exactly where you are now. Level 61 and Valencia holding me up.
Playing on my iPad.
My pc game was updated in the last couple of days and there is another area open for level 61---- so we on iOS should be updated soon.
Meanwhile I am trying to earn coins while
waiting, as I am sure we will need them after the new update.
Have fun!

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