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3 Stars Normal Mode

[Post New]by Irmazon on May 5, 15 7:57 PM
Thank you waxman 77477,

I tried what your post suggested worked on Normal Mode for 2-20. This worked just fine after only the second try.

4 support towers, 2 in each of the telescoping ports, one in the upper right hand area of the main center island and one towards the rt of the smaller inlet island in front of the main island entry. Everything else got machine guns. All maxed out, of course.

Then just blast away, clicking and pausing when necessary to target those enemies you want destroyed before the enter.

You might have to buy regular tower and upgrade to make it a green shooter, just to slow and target some of the bosses, like the ghost ships and the blimps, but only for them and once they are almost killed, switch back to the machine guns.

Tip: When the two Ghost Ships come forward, at then end, because the machine guns are too busy and cannot stop them, use the iceberg, it will catch them, the the air balloons, then I used the giant squid and the xtra power surge fist to blast away at everything. That took care of the whole business. I was amazed at what few enemies were left to be blown away without even getting close.

Been at this for dozens of attempts, so thank you very much. Love these forums.
I don't know if I will use the same or similar strategy for this level on hard, or if I will even try again to get beyond the 2 stars I have there, as this was indeed too frustratiing. But I hate to not get gold on all levels, don't you?

Thank you Fishies, and happy completion gaming for all you perfectionists

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