Medusa snakes, veil, and gargoyle puzzle

[Post New]by RandomUser on May 8, 15 1:03 PM
I'm in the bonus chapter, outside the church with the statue that needed its laurel wreath put back on its head. I've done that, and the statue presented the game with the snake less Medusa head, the bride missing her veil, and the misplaced gargoyle. I've tried over and over again, dozens of times for each object, but they just slide back to their original positions each time. Hint tells me that I must complete the puzzle to progress, and I have no other tasks that need done that might push me along. So I'm absolutely stuck here. What am I doing wrong? Is there some trick to placing these infernal puzzle objects? I'm getting really frustrated.


Re:Medusa snakes, veil, and gargoyle puzzle

[Post New]by RandomUser on May 9, 15 8:19 AM
Any ideas out there?


Re:Medusa snakes, veil, and gargoyle puzzle

[Post New]by Jennifer31777 on May 10, 15 1:46 PM
I'm on an iPad Air and came here looking for the same answer. I went back and was able to get that section to finally work. When I took the veil I placed it above her almost on the medusa and it clicked. I think to get the snake to go I put it next to it, not on top of the section. I fooled around with the placement of the gargoyle putting it behind him and it clicked. It didn't work when I placed it right on top of the cut out section. Hopefully some of this made sense. Like I said it wasn't working placing it right on top -example it wasn't working when I placed the veil, on top of the cutout for the veil.

Edit to add: ok there are 2 other pages after you pass that one. Don't put it right on top of the cutout. Go right above or below or on the side. I breezed through the other pages doing it that way.

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