Bonus chapter: the lock on Alister's house

[Post New]by Palaluuseri on May 9, 15 11:34 AM
The mini game seems unsolvable. I can only swap opposite runes which won't get me anywhere near solving it. The info says something about triangles but I can't see any. Help!

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Re:Bonus chapter: the lock on Alister's house

[Post New]by willie213 on May 17, 15 9:39 AM
I see 2 triangles--one red, one green. But I don't see how to swap other than opposites. I'll keep trying; maybe someone will offer a clue?

OK, I found that I could swap w/in a color if I balanced the swap circles between two runes, rather than on them. But it's very glitchy and I still don't have it solved.

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Re:Bonus chapter: the lock on Alister's house

[Post New]by MunchkinKat on May 21, 15 5:19 PM
I can't seem to swap at all... the center isn't rotating unless it's empty. Anyone have a solution for this? Or can the two PP's outline how they are "swapping"? Any progress would make me feel better!

UPDATE: Solved it!!!

Firstly, I figured out that to rotate it, you must click outside the lines/circles, not on them.

Secondly, I discovered that you can "swap" a symbol in the center circle with any other symbol on the outer circle if you line the two symbols up. In other words, the position you are placing the symbol in doesn't have to be empty.

Hope this helps!

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