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[Post New]by Ladycas on May 9, 15 3:01 PM
I like pickers also but I keep getting a debug message about this game and then cannot continue to play it. So be careful and if there is anyone with advice on what to do please tell me.

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[Post New]by stasibug on May 9, 15 11:37 PM
So glad to see a recent post on this game. I just discovered the game and fell in love with it. My problem is that I have played for days on end and did not realize I was getting a very scrambled version of the game. Had no problems with debug. All the "hidden scenes" were either completely dark or had clip art all over it with the frames intact. It looked like pics and bugs everywhere. I thought it was intended to be that way. Somehow, today, the scrambled hidden areas became crystal clear. Alas, I tried again later, and my scrambled game returned. I have actually been playing this game all week thinking this was normal!!! Did anyone else have this happen? If any Pickers fans are still there, please reply.

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