I want to buy a physical copy of the game.

[Post New]by vamp563 on May 9, 15 9:22 PM
I don't like downloading games and would rather buy the CD-ROM. The thing is,is that I never know the release date for them. Can anyone tell me when Ballad of Rapunzel and Little Mermaid will be released on CD-ROM?

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Re:I want to buy a physical copy of the game.

[Post New]by bfgBellerophon on May 10, 15 7:15 PM
Hi vamp563,

It sounds like there is some question as to when a retail CD version of this particular game will be available. I definitely understand wanting to buy a CD version instead of downloading a game.

At this time, there isn't any information surrounding a CD release of this particular game. We do have other games that are available at retail locations. It may be helpful to look at the following help page:

Games Available in Stores

I hope this helps! Feel free to PM any of the moderators if you have any questions.


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