"advanced" tournament mode

[Post New]by smartblond66 on May 10, 15 12:17 PM
Is there a score advantage to play the "advanced" mode ? "Hidden jewels)
Do my opponents have a higher score average in this mode?

I feel that when I play this advanced mode that sometimes my opponents are playing the easier (no hidden stones) mode? This does not seem fair.
Do both people play the exact same board or is one board "easier" than the other?

I have yet to see an average score higher than 1873. How high do they go ?
my average is in the 1750-1850's.

When playing the "silver" coin mode, is it good to get more than 3 in a row?..it does not seem to make a big difference in points when I get 4 or 5 silver coins in a row.

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