Level 34

[Post New]by luinar on May 10, 15 3:18 PM
Any one got any advice about level 34? The usual, I've tried countless different times with different strategies. I'm so close to getting 3 stars each time but I fail.

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Re:Level 34

[Post New]by Janette5 on May 11, 15 2:01 AM
Clear the roads, pick the berries

Upgrade as follows and use the work faster bonus:

1. Worker x 2
2. Sawmill x 2
3. Farm x 2

Then build the bridge next.

Once the sawmill and farm are on level 2 you are going to run up your bonus to 2x resources and use that when it becomes available, with one exception.

Then upgrade further

4. Sawmill x 3
5. Farm x 3 and Worker x 3 (order doesn't matter)
6. Blacksmith x 2
7. Hunter x 2
8. Well x 2

Now don't use your 2x bonus until you've built the well x2 (you can still get 3 stars if you forget but then time is tight, if you remember then you have lots of time at the end)

9. Magician's hut x 2

By now you should have pretty much everything built and cleared. You never need the shop owner.

The double resource bonus will ensure that you have enough potion.

Final steps:
Send magician to clear golems, upgrade sawmill to level 4 and build bridges.

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