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Achievements "Seeker"

[Post New]by 1357wc on May 10, 15 10:34 PM
I have finished the entire game and bonus, and played the HOS and got gold stars in the extras.
I have received all of the achievements accept the "Seeker". I only got 2 stars and 250 objects.
My question is, how do I get the 3rd star when I have done everything that needs to be done?
Anyone else have this issue?


Re:Achievements "Seeker"

[Post New]by heatheralr on May 12, 15 11:11 AM
I have this problem as well.


Re:Achievements "Seeker"

[Post New]by CherylParker on May 12, 15 10:58 PM
Same here. I played every HOP in the game and bonus chapter.
I didn't play the bubble shooter just in case they didn't count the objects you get when playing the bubble shooter.
So I think it's a glitch.
I actually counted the items in the HOP's after I got 200 objects.
I had 240 items when the game ended.
So in the bonus chapter I should have gotten the achievement by the first HOP I played.
So this kind of blows when you by a CE for the achievements.

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Re:Achievements "Seeker"

[Post New]by sulia on May 30, 15 8:20 AM
I got the "Seeker" (250) achievement by not doing the alternative bubble pop, I think it was at Mountain Plateau in the bonus game, but I didn't get the bubble pop achievement. Seems you can't win...

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