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[Post New]by RLBaxter on May 11, 15 8:23 PM
Just got done with the game and had some helpful tips to offer those either stuck or playing the game for the first time.

I found it easiest to play through all the levels, trying for at least gold or silver, until the second to the last level. By this time you've unlocked at lot of helpful power ups and when you go back to replay the levels you get to keep these power ups.

Then I would play through a second time with the power ups to improve my score and get gold on almost all levels so that once I played the final level I easily achieved the required score.

When replaying the levels another helpful tip is to use the power up that changes someone's orders. If you have an item from the carts on the right side of the screen that require a lot of items you can line up three on the serving table and then put one on the power up station, the station will not have to recharge and you can keep picking up and replacing the item on the power up station while your server grabs the other three first and then the power up so you can place four items rather quickly.

Hope these tips helps those that need it. This made the game a lot less frustrating for me.

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Re:Helpful Tips

[Post New]by Cookyville on Aug 15, 15 3:00 PM
If you have customers waiting after the game closes- & have the power ups- serve them the expensive items rather than if thet ordered a soda or donut

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