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Berlin 120

[Post New]by Dassad on May 12, 15 10:47 AM
How to finish this last level of not-so-successful Berlin?
I have too much faces to kill, even once I managed to make 4 times 5+4 (!!) killing set. Still there are 2-3 faces remaining at the end.

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Re:Berlin 120

[Post New]by bfgLianorm on May 15, 15 8:31 AM
Hi Dassad,

These face stickies, or zombie stickies as I call them (since they continue to come back), have to be one of, if not these most frustrating obstacle that was added to the game.

Like you, it took me a while to get past this particular level, especially since there's a timer on this one as well. After a few tries though, I was finally able to pass this level. I found that clearing out the chained gummies one section at a time worked best.

After you've filled in the area above those zombie stickies, you'll be able to start making matches to get rid of the, as well as breaking the gummies that have the extra time listed with them. If you can first clear out that middle section completely it'll be a bit easier to get the rest of those zombie stickies.

Hope this helps ,

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