How to access bonus slots?

[Post New]by Chanelnumber5 on May 13, 15 4:37 AM
I am a total newbie to the world of mahjong, not having played it seriously ever. If I matched all the tiles I was happy, and never thought about what the numbers or collection of shapes might mean. So you can imagine my surprise at being told to create number and picture chains.

I have that part down, I think but I have no idea how the game is keeping score, are some shapes worth more that others? And finally, how do you access the bonus board from the game?? It says I have no open slots, and when I click on the slots at the top it says they are locked!!?? So I have unlocked the multiplier box like I was told to, but I can't put it in a slot, and if I did put it in the slot I still don't see any bonus buttons in the game!!!!

And it looked so neat, and I have been looking for a nice sloooooow game to play when the stupid meds are bad, and I remembered how much fun my mother and her friends had when they played mahjong (but part of the fun might have been the wine, still they were fun to watch!

Sorry for the rant, I got carried away, Its been a rough night. Anyway, if there is a kind hearted soul with the time to explain the bonus arrangement and maybe the scoring, it would be deeply appreciated. And please use small words, the meds make me more confused than usual. At least that's the excuse I'm going with .Ya'll have a good day!

(Chanelnumber5 really, but who's counting? )

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Re:How to access bonus slots?

[Post New]by Extremalex on May 14, 15 5:26 AM

Ti unlock bonus slots (and bonuses too) first of all you need to collect such quantity of stars which is specified on a label under the slot (or under the bonus) - and then spend those stars to unlock the first slot.

Thus, it is necessary to passthe first few levels and collect the necessary quantity of stars, then you will be able to unlock bonuses and slots.

If suddenly there are still uncertainties, I am will be pleased to give an explanation for them

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