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Mushroom Island

[Post New]by mickisue on May 14, 15 9:27 PM
What is this island's purpose? Or the green one next to it? There was some verbiage about the mushrooms--which I've now forgotten--early in the game, but no more. The island next to it occasionally will have a big green exclamation point on it, that disappears if you click on it. But no explanation.

Does anyone have any idea at all? I've beaten all the islands, working my way through getting all the stars available, but cannot figure out what to do with those two islands--if anything.

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Re:Mushroom Island

[Post New]by BlueStarFish on Jun 5, 15 6:31 AM
The Mushroom Island - here is what Terony says when you click on the exclamation mark on the island to get the quest:

"The Dragon delivered you to and island. You touch one of the mushrooms you find in a field. It starts to vibrate and glow. Other mushrooms react the same way. You experiment with this phenomenon to see what happens if you touch them in a certain order."

So try to touch them (click on them) in a certain order.

The green exclamation mark signals that there is a quest not yet finished on this island.
If you are certain that you did not do that quest, and the exclamation mark keeps coming back, you could try clicking on the island itself, to see if the quest box comes up with the text to tell you what to do. Sometimes it is only a matter of clicking on the "finish quest" line in the box.
Or you could look to the right on your screen, if there are any green question marks - these are the main quests that are needed in order to advance the story.

After finishing the quest you will not see the exclamation mark again and cannot repeat the quest. If the quest was to enter a portal to a fighting level, then you will have access to it through the portal on the main island where you can re-play the levels. (Except the blue and red islands.)

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